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Why CloudHealth is a Forrester Wave Leader for Managing Cloud Costs

Public cloud is transformative for many organizations. Yet as consumption grows, those in charge of the purse strings often start feeling out of control. See why CloudHealth by VMware has been named a leader for managing cloud costs in the latest Forrester Wave evaluation. 


You know the feeling when you’ve been stuck inside a room with poor ventilation for hours on end, and then you go outside and breathe the fresh air? It feels great. Using public cloud for the first time evokes a similar sensation.

The ability to quickly and easily conjure up new infrastructure to support a new project is thrilling. Just put down a credit card and away you go. It’s like ambrosia from the gods. You just can’t get enough. As you use public cloud more and more, pretty soon it becomes an indispensable part of how your organization builds and runs software.

Down the road, it’s almost inevitable that whoever is financially responsible for all that cloud activity has another reaction. And it’s likely to be the complete opposite of that first thrill experienced by cloud users. As the amount of activity grows from nearly nothing to something fiscally material, the emotions for those who manage cloud spend are a mix of shock and of being completely out of control. 

The good news? There is some great tech out there that can help organizations regain control over the cost of their cloud activities. The Forrester Wave for Cloud Cost Management and Optimization was just published, and I am happy to report that CloudHealth by VMware was named a leading provider of tech to help you stay on top of cloud spend. 


Understanding the wave

Forrester reviewed eight vendors across 27 distinct criteria, which relate directly to three overarching ideas:

  • Strength of the actual technical offering: What does the solution offer and how well does it perform in each key area of functionality?
  • Strength of product strategy and direction: Does the solution have plans to evolve functionality in a way that makes sense for what the market needs? Does it leverage the strengths of the ecosystem it is a part of?
  • Strength of market presence: How well adopted is the solution in the marketplace?  How happy are current customers with the solution?


Vendors were analyzed against the above and then placed in one of four buckets: Leaders at the top, followed by Strong Performers, Contenders and Challengers.  


Why CloudHealth was chosen as a leader

As part of their analysis, Forrester identified three key differentiators that were important in picking the leaders: 

  • Support for understanding the cost of containers
  • Robust and accurate billing
  • A rich set of cost saving analytical capabilities  


CloudHealth achieved its leadership position by demonstrating clear competence in each of these areas. Its deep integration with other VMware technologies, its roadmap for new capabilities and its 10,000+ customer base also helped it cement a top spot.


Get the report

Effectively managing cloud spend is becoming more important than ever, particularly when public cloud moves from being a small part of your operating model to something central to your organization’s success.  

CloudHealth is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your cloud investments. Be sure to download The Forrester Wave for Cloud Cost Management and Optimization to learn more about how CloudHealth by VMware can help you achieve your objectives related to public cloud use.  


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