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  • NFR Licenses for vExpert

    VMware vExpert  seçildikten sonra bir çok üreticinin NFR (Not For Resale licenses) lisansına sahip olabilirsiniz.... The post NFR Licenses for vExpert first appeared on Virtualization Blog.

    Blog Name:

    Author: Onur Can

    Published on 2021-02-27 | Time 12:11:50

  • New Vulnerabilities VMSA-2021-002

    VMware kritik VMSA-2021-002 olarak listelenen bir VMware Security Advisory  yayınladı ve güvenlik açığının mümkün olan en... The post New Vulnerabilities VMSA-2021-002 first appeared on Virtualization Blog.

    Blog Name:

    Author: Onur Can

    Published on 2021-02-27 | Time 11:35:30

  • Managing application pools using the VMware Horizon Python Module

    Earlier this week I added several methods to the VMware Horizon Python Module that are centered about application pools and I promised a blog post so here it is 🙂 In the module we have the following methods in the Inventory about Application Pools: get_application_pools get_application_pool delete_application_pool new_application_pool update_application_pool Halfway... Continue Reading

    Blog Name:

    Author: Wouter

    Published on 2021-02-27 | Time 09:51:39

  • How does Pure Storage integrate with vSAN?

    I get this question quite a bit–in fact I got this question just today while discussing ways to grow the Pure Storage/VMware business. To folks who are close to the VMware storage ecosystem it might seem like an odd question, but it’s a good question! VMware puts a lot of energy and time into vSAN. ... Continue Reading "How does Pure Storage integrate with vSAN?"

    Blog Name:

    Author: codyhosterman

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 02:11:30

  • Use-Case: Execute PowerCLI Scripts as vSphere Alarm Actions using Script Runtime Service

    Throughout the years, our customers have continuously asked how to execute PowerCLI scripts as vSphere alarm actions. Out of the box, the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) supports executing bash, python scripts, but not PowerShell ones. Even if it’s possible to install PowerShell Core on the VCSA and execute scripts directly there this is not recommended … Continued The post Use-Case: Execute PowerCLI Scripts as vSphere Alarm Actions using Script Runtime Service appeared first on VMware Power[...]

    Blog Name: PowerCLI

    Author: knikolov

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 16:13:00

  • Microsoft Azure Rest API using PowerShell

    Using Microsoft Azure REST API is great way to automate Azure Resources and operations. Some times I have found PowerShell Az module is not present on remote servers and I need to automate azure things, Rest API is very handy at the time when features which are not available on PowerShell module AZ. I had already written a project using Rest API earlier - Powershell Azure Inventory GUI Utility. Here in this article I will be using Powershell to authenticate and consume Microsoft Azure Rest[...]

    Blog Name:

    Author: Virtual Geek

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 14:51:00

  • VMware выпустила обновление vSphere DSC 2.2 – что нового?

    Команда PowerCLI компании VMware РЅР° РґРЅСЏС… выпустила обновление средства vSphere Desired State Configuration (DSC) версии 2.2. Механизм DSC есть РІ экосистеме Windows, начиная еще СЃ Windows Server 2012 R2. РЎ помощью него можно мониторить Рё управлять конфигурациями систем посредством специальных конфигурационных файР[...]

    Blog Name:

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 12:46:32

  • VMware vSphere: Advanced Administration Workshop [V7] now available

     VMware vSphere: Advanced Administration Workshop [V7] Are you interested in pursuing your Deploy VMware Certified Advanced Professional in Datacentre Virtualisation? Or do you want to learn advanced vSphere 7 administration? I’ve done three now, my version 4, 5, and 6, and now there’s “version 7” VCAP-DCV Deploy 2021.   These are some of my favourite exams, and the reason for this; the exam is a practical exam, it demonstrates that you know the product, and that you don’t just have [...]

    Blog Name: Bryan O’Connor Virtualisation and IT Blog

    Author: Bryan O'Connor

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 12:20:00

  • VMware VXLAN: What is it and how to use it

    VXLAN network encapsulation protocol allows delivering powerful software-defined networking. VMware NSX-V provides the capability to configure VMware VXLAN. Learn more in this article.

    Blog Name:

    Author: Brandon Lee

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 09:39:09

  • Feature Friday Episode 36 – Backup and Restore services with Veeam in VMware Cloud Director

      Episode 36!     As you know each week we will release a new video covering a different topic in more depth. The content will be mostly technical but will also cover services that are feasible with the features. Keep an eye out on this blog site to see when a new video is … Continued The post Feature Friday Episode 36 – Backup and Restore services with Veeam in VMware Cloud Director appeared first on VMware Cloud Provider Blog.

    Blog Name: vCloud

    Author: Guy Bartram

    Published on 2021-02-26 | Time 09:00:24

  • What’s New Relative to VMware Tanzu?

    Tanzu Advanced Edition & Training Resources Now Available The latest edition of VMware Tanzu, Tanzu Advanced, is orderable via ELA. Tanzu Advanced helps customers simplify container lifecycle at scale and speed app delivery. Read the official blog post, replay the vmLIVE, or head over to the Tanzu editions page to learn more. Plus, find answers to all your Tanzu [...] The post What’s New Relative to VMware Tanzu? appeared first on Partner News.

    Blog Name: Partner News

    Author: VMware Partner Connect

    Published on 2021-02-25 | Time 19:46:40

  • Critical VMware VMSA-2021-0002 | Runecast Analyzer

    VMware reports three vulnerabilities in two of their products, with two critical. VMSA explained.

    Blog Name:

    Author: andre.carpenter

    Published on 2021-02-25 | Time 17:03:29

  • Horizon Apps Standard Edition: The lowest-cost path to Windows Virtual Desktop + VMware Horizon

    Recently, we announced new subscription licensing and packaging options for VMware Horizon. Broadly speaking, we believe our approach to transitioning to a more flexible subscription licensing model will help more customers leverage the VMware Horizon platform, and do so in a way that can easily grow and adapt to the changing demands placed on remote desktop and application environments.  One of our brand-new options is the Horizon Apps Standard Subscription offering, which r[...]

    Blog Name: End-User Computing

    Author: Gabe Knuth

    Published on 2021-02-25 | Time 14:06:08

  • VCDX Spotlight – Igor Zecevic, VCDX #286

    Igor Zecevic, VCDX #286, speaks to us about learning a variety of “soft skills” in preparing for his defense, gaining confidence as an architect, and asking the big “why” questions. Igor Zecevic works as a Consulting Architect at Nutanix, where he helps customers with digital transformation and business goals. He is very passionate about technology, education, and … Continued The post VCDX Spotlight – Igor Zecevic, VCDX #286 appeared first on VMware Learning.

    Blog Name: VMware Education and Certification Blog

    Author: Sarah Daniels

    Published on 2021-02-25 | Time 13:00:00

  • VMware vRA 8.3 and Multi Value Picker

    I had a customer, asking me how to get the multi Value Picker working i vRA 8.2, but my test environment is 8.3, and i did it there, it should work with 8.2 also, but I have not checked. The use case for this was to add multiple uses to at AD Domain Group, and [...]

    Blog Name: Virtual Allan

    Author: Allan Kjaer

    Published on 2021-02-25 | Time 12:43:47