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What IT Leaders Can Learn From Extreme Sport Athletes


Successful IT leaders look for ways to grow their team into a powerhouse of transformation. And inspiration for successful approaches to this can come from many places—including the world of sports. I personally was inspired by Robyn Benincasa’s book “How Winning Works.” Robyn is a former world champion adventure racer (think jungles of Borneo, peaks of Read more...

Configure Certificate Based Authentication for VMware Identity Manager (Workspace ONE) in a DMZ Deployment


In this blog post we focus on Identity Manager Workspace ONE Certificate Authentication and will walk through the process of setting up certificate based authentication for VMware Identity Manager (Workspace ONE) for DMZ deployments. Certificate based authentication has requirements which for the purposes of this blog we assume already exist in the environment. To take Read more...

Is Retail Dead? Part 1 – Leveraging Mobility in Retail


  Leveraging Mobility in Retail In 2017 over 6,400 store locations closed, leading people to believe that Retail is Dead. Maybe not: let’s take a deeper dive into an emerging area, “Leveraging Mobile in Retail,” and the impact to IT during this period of Retail natural selection. The first thing people think of when the Read more...

Telco Sings the Blockchain


  Telco Sings the Blockchain Back in the summer of 1960, American singer/song writer Sam Cooke released the hit song Chain Gang. A classic, the song is about the punishing work of prison chain gangs, and about how the load of the work was shared and distributed among the members of the gang as they Read more...

Changing Change Management


  Changing Change Management Change Management has always been a core component of IT Service Management practices, for obvious reasons. Change is a constant, but change can be risky. With Change Management processes in place, IT organizations define the risk exposure they are willing to take, try to minimize the severity of any impact or Read more...