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vCenter Heartbeat End of Availability

For those of you who have used vCenter Heartbeat to protect your vCenter instances, please be aware that we have announced the end of its availability as of today, June 2 2014.

Don’t worry though if you’re using it today; the current iteration will be supported through late 2018.

What does that mean?  Are we getting away from protecting vCenter?  Not by a long shot.  We have big plans in this space.  vCenter has become a very critical component of the infrastructure and we’re looking at lots of different means by which you can protect it.

What can you do first?  Make sure you’re running it in a virtual machine!  That gives you all the proactive benefits of downtime avoidance with DRS and Storage DRS, and the reactive benefits of automated restart with HA clusters.

As always make sure you have reliable backups (and test your restores!) of vCenter and its database.

Take a look at the official announcement of the end-of-availability and read the details about support and the FAQ, and feel free to ask us at VMware about maximizing your vCenter availability.

11 thoughts on “vCenter Heartbeat End of Availability

  1. Roderick

    Interesting. What about vCenters in a VDI environment spread over two locations or more. A restore from backup is normally not an option, costs to much time.
    When is the news expected? We architects need to plan ahead.

    1. Ken

      Not sure about any news, but for now the best practice is still a dedicated management cluster with your VDI vCenter hosted there for HA protection, backups, etc.

    2. John Nicholson

      Roderick, WAN stretched VMware View deployments are technically not supported. Now if your actually doing a MetroCluster with low latency you should have a second vCenter managing the remote cluster, or if you REALLY want to spend a lot of money go FT.

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  7. Andreas Paulsson

    Bad news indeed, but I guess this is just another step from getting rid of Windows support.

    Can you please clarify what will happen when new versions of vCenter is released, will there be Heartbeat support for that, or do we have to look at third party management options instead?

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