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Enabling IT Enterprises’ Multi-Cloud Journey | Breakroom Chats Episode 3

Introduction to the vSphere Breakroom Chat Series

In this series, we share vlogs with industry-recognized experts from VMware and VMware partners & customers. These vlogs are concise, like meeting in a breakroom and having a quick conversation to get great information in a short amount of time.

  1. Content of these vlogs: These luminaries will share important industry trends, their backgrounds in the IT industry and tips about vSphere & the associated cloud products.
  2. Key Audience: If you are an IT practitioner- IT admin, cloud or platform architect, developer, DevOps, senior IT manager, IT executive, Artificial Intelligence, or a Machine Learning professional- this series is for you.

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vSphere Breakroom Chats Episode 3

Welcome to the next episode of the vSphere Breakroom Chats. Today, we are happy to present this vLog with a senior executive at VMware, Marc Fleischman, Cloud CTO. In this episode, Marc will share the following.

  1. Why are enterprises on a multi-cloud journey?
  2. Challenges that enterprises are facing in their multi-cloud journey
  3. How VMware is solving these problems with the multi-cloud journey
  4. The long-term trends for enterprises’ multi-cloud journey

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