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Learn about AI/ML from a VMware Expert | Breakroom Chats Episode 1

Have a strong desire to get product information & technology trends quickly, instead of reading very lengthy blogs or watching extremely time-consuming webinars so that you can be more effective at your job? We have the solution for you!

Launch of the vSphere Breakroom Chat Series

Today, we are very excited to unveil the launch of the vSphere Breakroom Chat Series. In this series, we will share vlogs with industry-recognized experts from VMware and VMware partners & customers. These vlogs will be concise, like meeting in a breakroom and having a quick conversation to get great information in a short amount of time.

  1. Content of these vlogs: These luminaries will share important industry trends, their backgrounds in the IT industry and tips about vSphere & the associated cloud products.
  2. Key Audience: If you are an IT practitioner- IT admin, cloud or platform architect, developer, DevOps, senior IT manager, IT executive, Artificial Intelligence, or a Machine Learning professional- this series is for you.

vSphere Breakroom Chats Episode 1

For the first vlog in this series, learn about AI and ML from Justin Murray, Technical Marketing Architect from VMware. Justin has a long and illustrious career in IT of more than 25 years. Justin is one of our resident specialists in AI/ML and has spent more than 6 years in this field. Justin will share in this episode:

  1. The importance of AI and ML & why it is such an exciting field.
  2. The high-level direction of where AI/ ML is headed.
  3. Issues that enterprises face today in their AI/ML deployments.
  4. The products and strategies that VMware is deploying to solve the issues.
  5. The industries which are extremely interested and can benefit from deploying AI/ML.

So, watch the video below and learn from Justin!

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