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Recent IDC Report Highlights VMware Cloud on Dell EMC For Edge Compute

Many businesses are discovering the need to compute enable the edge of their network. Whether it be a chain of brick and mortar stores, satellite healthcare clinics, or factories in remote locations, deploying compute at the edge allows applications to run in close proximity to internet- connected end user devices or machinery and the date generated by these devices. This allows real-time application interaction with these devices that otherwise would not be possible if data and applications were centrally hosted.


While edge computing can significantly improve such things as customer interaction and real-time manufacturing efficiencies, IT organizations are often challenged by the cost and logistics of maintaining and servicing these decentralized compute end points. VMware and Dell EMC offer a straight-forward, easy to scale solution which optimally solves these challenges.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is the industry’s only fully managed Infrastructure as-a-Service subscription solution. It integrates VMware’s Cloud Foundation software with a Hyper Converged Dell EMC VxRail infrastructure to provide customers with a pre-built, modern infrastructure, delivered on site with a predictable cloud-like monthly bill.  Because it is a fully managed service, VMware includes continuous health monitoring, software upgrades, security updates, life cycle management, and handles any needed on-site remediation.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC makes it simple for organizations to deploy enterprise-scale computing at their network edge while removing the burden, cost, and logistics of managing and servicing these edge deployments.

Market intelligence firm IDC has published a paper titled “Gaining an Edge in Enterprise Cloud Transformation”, which discusses the evolution of the public cloud, including the adoption of edge computing and projected adoption growth of pre-built Infrastructure as-a-Service offerings. In this paper, IDC spotlights VMware Cloud on Dell EMC as a strong example of a fully managed infrastructure subscription offering that tightly aligns with their research.

You can download a copy of this IDC report here: Download

We hope you find this research paper informative and through reading it, gain a greater understanding how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is an ideal solution for providing fully managed Infrastructure Services to address your edge computing challenges and needs.

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