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Announcing VMware Cloud Packs To Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

When it comes to removing barriers to cloud adoption and accelerating the unique cloud journeys of our customers, we know that modern organizations need modern solutions that comprehensively address the relevant use cases, while emphasizing simple procurement and flexible consumption. To fully realize the benefits of cloud, organizations like yours must simplify operations at every step – making ease of acquisition key to every technology decision that drives your cloud transformation. However, streamlining consumption and procurement while also offering solutions that support the wide variety of customer environments and goals can be a bit like walking a tightrope.

Introducing VMware Cloud Packs

That’s why we are pleased to introduce VMware Cloud Packs – purpose-built bundles created to help you modernize your infrastructure at your own pace by delivering the benefits of cloud to on-premises environments. There’s a VMware Cloud Pack for every stage of your cloud transformation journey.

So, how can we help? What cloud path are you on?

  1. If you’re looking to future-proof your infrastructure and reduce the total cost of ownership, Compute with Advanced Automation easily enhances on-premises workloads with cloud services. Ideal for organizations with application and infrastructure modernization and DevOps initiatives, this Cloud Pack provides a unified platform for virtual machine-based and containerized Kubernetes workloads, DevOps-based infrastructure provisioning and security, automation and self-service consumption, and app-aware intelligent remediation for continuous performance optimization. With this Cloud Pack, you bring cloud benefits to on-premises workloads, supercharge workload performance, enhance operational efficiency, and accelerate innovation for DevOps teams.
  2. If reducing storage cost and simplifying storage operations are top of mind for your team (CapEx and OpEx savings), HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) brings the power of cloud to storage so you can scale to meet any need. Next generation storage architecture is the anchor for this Cloud Pack – providing high performance, resiliency, and flexibility to run all apps and enable you to extend to public cloud and out to the edge. Advanced operations management provides visibility, troubleshooting, insights, and remediation for infrastructure performance. In fact, with the greater efficiency and server economics HCI delivers, organizations can reduce their storage costs by more than 45%.
  3. What if HCI sounds almost perfect but your organizational goals and initiatives require greater automation and self-service consumption? HCI with Advanced Automation includes all the capabilities of HCI with added automation, self-service consumption, and configuration management capabilities across VMs and container-based infrastructure. Streamline operations and scale rapidly with intelligent, continuous optimization.
  4. If you’re looking for a full stack cloud transformation that accelerates time to market and harnesses the power of private and hybrid cloud, VMware Cloud Foundation is the comprehensive solution you need. Successful deployments require reliable yet flexible infrastructure, and this Cloud Pack includes industry leading compute, storage, networking, management, and an embedded Kubernetes development environment. Additional cloud-based services round out this solution with automation and advanced life-cycle management capabilities to help you realize the full benefits of cloud flexibility on any footprint.

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