Project Monterey IDC Whitepaper

Digital transformation has changed the fundamental nature of IT from being support organizations to strategic partners with business units. IT organizations across the world are modernizing their infrastructure to meet the ever changing needs of businesses.  They meet the following challenges in their quest for modernizing the IT infrastructure:

  • The current data center architecture was designed to support vertical scaling of traditional monolithic workloads. Modern workloads push the boundaries of data center networking with extremely high East-West data traffic. This not only take up valuable CPU cycles from workloads but also introduces strain on the network subsystem.
  • Workloads share the computing domain with infrastructure services. Service quality, reliability and security issues affect both the workload and infrastructure domains simultaneously.
  • Modern workloads drive unique requirements in the data center architecture and hardware – which has led to the creation of application specific silos like AI/ML. This has resulted in major operational challenges for IT admins.

This IDC White Paper, sponsored by VMWare, Project Monterey: Evolving Infrastructure to Accelerate and Secure All Your Workloads,  discusses how Project Monterey from VMware can help address these challenges with a new approach to data center architecture that is distributed in nature. Data Processing Units (DPUs) which are capable of offloading infrastructure services become part of the new back bone of the data center architecture, resulting in

  • Reduced overhead on CPU and memory subsystem – which leads to higher workload consolidation and better infrastructure performance
  • An independent infrastructure plane – which increases the overall reliability of the infrastructure.
  • An enhanced zero trust computing environment for workloads which physically run in a domain separate from that of the infrastructure.

Download this insightful IDC White Paper (doc #US48794522 , March 2022) to understand how Project Monterey can prepare your infrastructure to meet the needs of next-gen applications.