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Announcing VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ to Deliver Benefits of Cloud to On-Premises Workloads


IT leadership is tasked with driving the next phase of company growth and these leaders are constantly seeking solutions to increase operational efficiency and respond faster to dynamic business needs. Over the years, many of you have powered your enterprises’ multi-cloud journeys with VMware vSphere and more broadly VMware Cloud.  VMware solutions continue to power your IT environments, delivering simplicity that accelerates your key digital transformation initiatives:

  • Enabling enterprise apps to run business-critical functions at lower cost.
  • Developing new apps to process data in real-time at the edge, speeding innovation.
  • Providing developers self-service access to Kubernetes environments on a common infrastructure platform.

VMware is innovating faster than ever with VMware Cloud, built on the industry-leading stack of VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, VMware NSX, and VMware vRealize. VMware remains focused on delivering the most complete set of solutions to build, run, manage, and secure your applications with consistency across on-premises, public clouds, and edge environments. These innovations will enable organizations of any size to run business-critical workloads on-premises across multiple geographic locations.

Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

On-prem workloads are often deployed in silos that are spread across different locations, data centers or edge sites.  When your IT teams work in silos, they lack end-to-end visibility across the entire infrastructure deployment. This can introduce potential security vulnerabilities and add complexity to software lifecycle management and day-to-day tasks such as provisioning resources and troubleshooting.

Concurrently, many IT leaders are being directed to enable developer productivity and deliver higher velocity processes to propel competitive advantage. This further complicates management as well as application design and development, adding inefficiencies and slowing down app development workflows.

Finally, while workloads already have the economics and locality teams want on-premises, most aren’t easily able to take advantage of cloud services that could add functionality such as disaster recovery or ransomware protection, and other innovation opportunities into existing onsite environments. 

Introducing vSphere+ and vSAN+

Today, we’re pleased to announce the next evolution of the foundational solutions that customers have trusted to build their on-premises infrastructure, vSphere+ and vSAN+.  Both are designed to further simplify operations, better manage risk, and improve the speed at which your business can innovate.

VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ bring the benefits of cloud to your on-premises workloads by delivering high-value cloud services for IT admins and developers to supercharge IT productivity and accelerate developer velocity for existing and next-gen applications.  VMware is unleashing all that value without teams having to move or make any changes to existing workloads or hosts. It’s completely non-disruptive to the business and designed for easy adoption.

vSphere+ and vSAN+ have access to high-value cloud services for IT admins and developers to easily build, run, manage, and secure traditional and next-gen applications. Among the benefits organizations can expect from vSphere+ and vSAN+ are to:

  • Supercharge productivity with admin services – Enhance operational efficiency through a central Cloud Console
  • Accelerate innovation with developer services – Transform existing virtual infrastructure into an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform
  • Transform on-premises infrastructure with cloud integration – Quickly enable hybrid cloud benefits for on-prem workloads, without disruption

Because vSphere+ and vSAN+ can be purchased through a flexible subscription plan, it better aligns with business models that have been rapidly adopting SaaS and subscription consumption.

Head over to to get started and join us at VMware Explore for more exciting announcements.  These innovations are just the beginning of what’s in store for the future of VMware Cloud!

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