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VMware at GTC 2022: Solve Your AI and Graphics Challenges With The Industry’s Best Technology!

I am excited to share with you that VMware is a Diamond Sponsor at NVIDIA GTC – so let’s talk about the extraordinary innovation partnership between NVIDIA and VMware.

Together, we have enabled VMware + NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise Platform to the enterprise which infuses every aspect of IT with AI, from core to edge clouds, for traditional and modern applications. This platform helps our customers unlocking the potential of AI and next-generation applications, with particularly interesting examples including medical scientists looking to accelerate breakthroughs in treatments and immunotherapy, financial services organizations protecting assets with advanced fraud detection, retailers exploring new insights that enhance the customer experience – and many more.

We have several exciting sessions at GTC for you to enjoy, so let me give you a preview.

Sponsored sessions: We have lined up key VMware and partner experts for several sessions – here is a quick summary of our sponsored sessions. Visit VMware’s sponsor page **to learn more about VMware and NVIDIA, sign up for the sessions, and discover how VMware can help you!

1. Unleash and Democratize AI for All Enterprises with NVIDIA DPUs and VMware **(S42522): Join Michael Kagan, CTO at NVIDIA, and me to learn how NVIDIA and VMware are working to infuse every aspect of the enterprise with AI. We will discuss how data and the influx of data requires us to rethink infrastructure to keep up with it. We will see how data processing units (DPUs) are the foundation for a new distributed platform that turns the data center into a single large computer – and if the data center is the computer, we need a data center Operating System (OS) to run it, which is a new concept that we will be discussing. Then we will move up the stack to discuss how the data center computer can enable and deliver new workloads, especially AI, to empower the modern enterprise. We’ll look just a bit ahead and talk about how AI can help us to reimagine businesses with their so-called digital twins. And we will look a bit further out and discuss how we are taking the concept of digital twins to the next level with NVIDIA Omniverse, an AI-accelerated virtual world simulation and collaboration platform for 3D workflows that lets us try everything before we build or live it.

Michael and I will be live on the chat during the Democratize AI session, and we look forward to an engaging discussion with you!

                 Marc Fleischmann, VMware Cloud CTO

Michael Kagan, CTO, NVIDIA

2. Machine Learning in the Enterprise with Kubernetes on VMware vSphere (S42512) **: Join Justin Murray, Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, and Shobhit Bhutani, Principal Product Marketing Manager at VMware, to learn how machine learning applications in the enterprise are easily enabled on VMware vSphere with Tanzu.

IT professionals and AI developers can experience VMware vSphere with Tanzu and Domino Data Labs for enterprise MLOps in new labs on NVIDIA LaunchPad, available free of charge in locations around the world.

3. Making Virtual Real: State-of-the-art Graphics with Horizon and NVIDIA (S42533)**: Join Arindam Nag, Sr. Director of Product Management at VMware, Anirban Chakraborty, Senior Product Line Manager at VMware, and Jimmy Rotella, Senior Solutions Architect at NVIDIA, to learn how Horizon and NVIDIA teams are delivering an immersive graphics experience to users and content creators on any device of choice.

Additional Expert Sessions**: In addition to these, I am also excited to tell you that there are 12 additional sessions that VMware and our partners are leading. So, register for free  today!

Launch of NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0:  Here is a quick summary of what features are being enabled with:

  • Deploy AI on CPU-only Servers: Support for deep learning frameworks and data science containers on CPU-only systems. Now organizations have a fully supported solution with NVIDIA AI Enterprise for both GPUs and CPU environments with NVIDIA AI experts available to help you along the way.
  • New NVIDIA AI tools: NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and Triton Inference Server with FIL backend enable simplified AI model development and deployment. The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit allows enterprise developers to fine-tune NVIDIA pretrained AI models and create custom, production-ready models in hours rather than months, without AI expertise or large training data. The updated NVIDIA Triton Inference Server now supports a Forest Inference Library (FIL) backend. The FIL backend provides best-in-class inference performance for tree-based models (e.g., XGBoost models) on CPUs and GPUs and enables simplified deployment of large tree models on GPUs with low latency and high accuracy. Examples of where tree-based models are common include fraud detection, sales forecasting, product failure prediction, pricing, recommendation systems, and call center routing, to name a few. The addition of these tools to the VMware and NVIDIA AI- Ready Enterprise Platform will greatly benefit the customers in the financial services, retail, and healthcare industries by accelerated development of AI models.
  • Support for NVIDIA hardware including NVIDIA A100X and A30X converged accelerators to enable faster, more efficient, and more secure AI systems and the NVIDIA A2 GPU for space-constrained environments.
  • Project Monterey Early Access: To experience the unique value proposition that Project Monterey enables when running over NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, enterprises can now experience VMware’s Project Monterey Early Access, which is newly available on NVIDIA LaunchPad.

I look forward to seeing you at NVIDIA GTC. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions — I’d love to connect and continue the discussion!

Just for signing up for any of the sessions above, you will receive* this IDC whitepaper (sponsored by VMware)– Scaling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workloads.

* Please note that the whitepaper will be sent out a few days after the event.

**Please note that for all sessions: First-time visitors to the GTC site will have to register and then search for the same session or sponsor sessions to register.

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