VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Technical Overview Paper Released

VMware customers like you are getting excited about the new fully managed, on-premises SDDC as a service offering that is jointly engineered by VMware and Dell EMC!  Imagine a rack that arrives at your data center or edge location ready to run your applications – instead of a pallet of boxes and days of racking, cabling, installing, and configuring an SDDC stack.

With VMware Cloud on Dell EMC you can easily order an SDDC to meet your resource demands through a SaaS portal, and after it is built and configured through automated processes in a Dell EMC facility – including the entire VMware SDDC stack with vSphere compute, vSAN storage, and NSX-T networking – it’s delivered and ready to connect to your enterprise network.

To help everyone learn more about this innovative new offering that eliminates the need to patch and upgrade the SDDC software, as well as the firmware for hardware devices, we have released a range of informative materials to accommodate different preferences.

After the initial blog posts describing the cloud-like offering and how to get started, we put out a set of videos demonstrating the experience.  Now I’m pleased to add a more traditional asset to the collection: a new Technical Overview white paper.  This is ideal for sending to your decision makers to help them understand the key elements and capabilities of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Technical Overview paper is simple to download directly from VMware – no registration required.  So please check it out and get in touch with your VMware account team if you want to learn more, see a live demo, or find out how you can evaluate this exciting new fully-managed, on-prem service based on trusted and proven SDDC infrastructure that’s based on vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, and VxRail.

And don’t forget about the VMware Hands-on Labs – there’s a VMware Cloud on Dell EMC HOL for those on the technical side to try.