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VMware vSphere+ and VMware vSAN+ Now Generally Available

Today, VMware is proud to announce the general availability of VMware vSphere+™ and VMware vSAN+™. Originally announced on June 28, vSphere+ and vSAN+ deliver the benefits of the cloud to on-premises workloads. vSphere+ combines industry-leading cloud infrastructure, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and high-value cloud services to transform existing on-premises deployments into SaaS-enabled infrastructure that can help organizations centralize management, supercharge productivity, and accelerate innovation: 

  • Supercharge productivity with admin services – Utilize a Cloud Console that exposes a set of admin services that surface global insights, drive operational efficiencies, and supercharge productivity gains. 
  • Accelerate innovation with developer services – Transform existing vSphere-based infrastructure into an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, unifying VMs and containers on a single platform. 
  • Transform on-premises infrastructure with cloud integration – vSphere+ and vSAN+ are easy and non-disruptive to adopt. Upgrade in place and then convert licenses to subscription. When you’re ready, extend your capabilities even further with optional add-on hybrid cloud services. 

As the first set of offerings from the Project Arctic program, vSphere+, the enterprise workload platform, and vSAN+, the industry leading hyperconverged solution, can simplify your operations and make it easier for you to solve some of your toughest IT challenges.

For our customers, this milestone release represents a major step forward in helping them transform their on-premises environment and continue their multi-cloud journey.

“VMware vSphere+ blurs the line between on-premises and cloud. The combination of cloud operating model with familiar toolsets will be a big win for us.”

– Vishal Gupta, CIO, Lexmark

Our partners are excited as well. See what our partners had to say about vSphere+ and vSAN+ here. 

Adopting vSphere+ and vSAN+

Making it easy for customers to transition to and adopt vSphere+ and vSAN+ was a key design goal for our product teams. We accomplished this by: 

  • Providing a seamless product experience with minimal impact to existing vSphere and vSAN deployments. Customers can leverage their current hardware investment because vSphere+ and vSAN+ require no upgrades to hardware infrastructure that are already in place. Also, by keeping existing hosts and workloads in place during the upgrade process, there is zero disruption to business operations by ensuring continuous access to critical applications.  And once fully deployed, customers can have faster access to new features and capabilities resulting in accelerated time-to-value.
  • Offering a flexible and simplified subscription-based per-core licensing model that’s aligned to industry standards. We protect customers’ financial investment in their existing vSphere and vSAN licenses by offering a subscription upgrade program to vSphere+ and vSAN+ at a price point that can be comparable to an SnS renewal*.

We’ve also made the procurement process significantly simpler, with one purchase of a vSphere+ subscription that provides a single comprehensive offering inclusive of support:

*Dependent on the specific customer scenario. Consult with your VMware salesperson or partner to assess the specifics for your environment.

What’s Next?

We now have a framework to deliver more of our technology faster in a way that is easier to provision, consume, and enhance. Stand by to hear more about vSphere+ and vSAN+ at VMware Explore and in the months to come.

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