Getting Started with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – Video Series

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a hyperconverged hardware and software-defined data center stack that is delivered as a service to your on-premises data center or edge location.  It is jointly engineered by VMware and Dell EMC and includes complete lifecycle management of the SDDC software as well as the VxRail hardware infrastructure.  With VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, you can satisfy the latency or locality requirements of your business applications through a streamlined provisioning process while experiencing the benefit of reduced operational overhead.

Businesses that trust the VMware hybrid cloud for consistent infrastructure, application portability, and proven ecosystem, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a great alternative to do-it-yourself data center infrastructure deployments.

Would you like to know more about this exciting new category of infrastructure technology?  A new Getting Started video series walks through the essential aspects and demonstrates the ordering, deployment, and consumption phases.


In the first video, see how easy it is to get started with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC by ordering the hyperconverged hardware and SDDC software stack that is sized to meet your requirements.


In the next Getting Started video, you will learn how the new SDDC rack integrates with your existing data center network.

Workload Deployment

Wrapping up the series is a demonstration on how to deploy your first workload to the new SDDC rack.  Since VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is based on the tried and true vSphere infrastructure, this operation should be familiar to virtualization admins – a big benefit of the VMware hybrid cloud.

For more information on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, visit the product page and talk to your account team today.