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A Dynamic Duo:  vSphere + VMWonAWS Tweet Chat

To answer all your questions about how vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS (VMWonAWS) work together, we hosted a tweet chat with our experts. Jeremiah Megie, VMWonAWS Sr. Tech Marketing Architect and Emad Younis, VMWonAWS Server Tech Marketing Architect, joined us to share the inside scoop. We discussed how VMWonAWS works and how its services add customer value. That said, no more spoilers! Check out the full tweet chat recap, below.

Q1: What is VMware Cloud on AWS? Q2: Is VMware Cloud on AWS a nested virtualization?

Q3: What are some key VMware Cloud on AWS use cases?

Q4: How does VMware Cloud on AWS differentiate itself from other cloud vendors?

Q5: Where is VMware Cloud on AWS service available today?

Q6: What are the migration options available for on premises vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS?

Q7: What is the configuration of a single host?

Q8: How do I subscribe to the service and what are the buying options?

A huge thanks to our experts: Jeremiah Megie and Emad Younis, in addition to all our other participants! Stay tuned for our future vSphere tweet chats, and join the conversation by using the #vSphereChat hashtag. Additionally, be sure to follow Jeremiah (@vMegie) and Emad (@emad_younis) on Twitter.

Do you have a specific topic that you would like our team to cover in the next tweet chat? Reach out to us at @VMwarevSphere on Twitter, to share your input and requests. Until then, we’ll see you in the Twittersphere!