Kubernetes Kase Files, A Group Effort

Kubernetes Kase Files, a Detective Dash Story

Known as the greatest technology sleuth in the city, Detective Dash has been hired by Legacy Bank to solve the mystery of its troublesome online banking portal. Follow the case by reading the all of the chapters in his story: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6 and Chapter 8

Chapter 7: A Group Effort

It was a case unlike any other Detective Dash had taken. There was simultaneously no culprit and also many. The answer had been right under everyone’s nose the entire time, yet nobody had put it all together. Dash called up Money Meg to let her know he’d be speaking with all the suspects the next day.

At Legacy Bank’s main office the following morning, Dash paced in the conference room. He was so sure that he had found the solution that he had become unsure of himself. “There’s no way the answer is this easy,” he muttered under his breath.

He looked up as the door opened. One by one, Shrugs, the Time Keeper, Old School and the Mole walked into the room.

Each had quizzical looks on their faces, uncertain about why they were in a room with people they rarely spoke to. How could any of them be connected to one another?

Dash wasn’t one for pleasantries, so he simply began.

“I know who’s responsible for Legacy Bank’s outdated customer portal.”

The suspects stared at each other nervously, wondering who it could be. After a brief moment of tense silence, Dash continued.

“The culprit is … everyone!”

Shocked, the suspects let out a collective gasp. Before Dash can say another word, the four begin talking over one another, pointing fingers.

Quickly, Dash shouts over the din.

“Lack of resources, budget constraints, lengthy timelines, and outdated software. It’s all connected!”

“Allow me to introduce you all to two very important people,” Dash continued. vSphere emerged from behind the detective, along with someone else less familiar to the room. They were both smiling at the suspects. “This is Kubernetes,” Dash said, pointing to the second person.

vSphere and Kubernetes spoke, almost in unison.

“Together, they call us vSphere with Tanzu. We’re here to help you modernize the customer portal!”

Shrugs shrugged. “I’ve been asking for support for a while. Why only now is this happening?”

“This will still take quite some time, won’t it?” Time Keeper asked.

“I’ll still need to build a platform to handle all this, won’t I?” asked Old School.

The Mole smiled and nodded. “You all doubt this solution will work don’t you?” he said to the room. “I also doubt it; clearly you all feel the same.”

“Enough,” Dash said. “Enough. I know you all still have questions but after speaking with vSphere and Kubernetes — or “vSphere with Tanzu” as they like to be referred to — it’s clear that they can answer all of your questions.

“We’ll explain everything,” vSphere said. “But first I need to update my capabilities to version 7. vSphere 7 with Tanzu is here for you all.”

Dash leaned back and folded his arms as vSphere and Kubernetes sat down to the table and began outlining how the case all came together.