vSOM Infographic

In this post, I’d like to talk to you about next-gen infrastructure that is built to support your next-gen apps, as well as all your existing apps, enabling you to lead the Digital Transformation of your organization.


We’ve created an infographic to help you understand the key components of this journey; the 5 steps that get you there. I’ve included a summary below. Click on the image to the right to see the full infographic.


Are you ready to reach the next frontier, where a software-defined approach to business accelerates your digital transformation? Want to intelligently manage your virtualization journey to achieve the performance, availability, and efficiency needed to propel your business forward? Need to build and manage a platform incorporating private, public, and hybrid clouds to live long and prosper?


Follow these 5 steps to ensure your journey to next generation applications is a success:


  1. Set a Course for Out of This World Success – Soar to new heights with a next-generation infrastructure that empowers you to virtualize and run any application with confidence, whether scale-up or scale-out.
  2. Take Your Business to Warp Speed – Reach for the stars faster than ever with a highly scalable and performant, on-demand infrastructure as the foundation for next-generation applications.
  3. Take Evasive Maneuvers in the Asteroid Fields – Avoid the hazards that slow you down, drain your resources, and cause you downtime.
  4. Take Control of Your Ship from the Bridge – Increase visibility and control with the ability to intelligently manage your virtualized environment for optimal performance.
  5. Defend Against Invaders and Threats – Shield your business-critical apps from increased security threats with comprehensive built-in security that goes the distance.


There’s only one solution that provides a powerful, flexible, and secure launch pad for business agility: vSphere with Operations Management.


Virtualize any app, anywhere with confidence. Comprehensively secure data, infrastructure, and access. Automate and intelligently manage at scale with a simplified user experience.


vSphere with Operations Management: Get next-gen infrastructure for next-gen apps.


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