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Preview – VMworld 2013 Extreme Performance Series: Storage in a Flash

Finally a shout out to our final session the Extreme Performance Series focused on Flash!  Flash is changing how traditional storage is leveraged and consumed so you won’t want to miss this breakout on what VMware is doing.  Sankaran and Pradeep have some detailed performance information to share with you and I’ll personally round out the session with important troubleshooting processes.

VSVC5603 – Extreme Performance Series: Storage in a Flash

Sankaran Sivathanu , VMware
Pradeep Chikku, VMware
Mark Achtemichuk , VMware

Flash-based storage has been gaining traction in the enterprise storage world and almost every major storage vendor has come up with new products that leverage flash technology in their respective storage systems. While storage array-side enhancements with flash is interesting, embracing flash technology natively at the server can pave the way for more holistic management and performance optimization of resources. Servers that make use of flash storage technology to improve overall IO performance do ease storage management by means of software-defined storage. Come to this session and explore flash technologies, practices and performance.

This session is filling quickly and I believe a repeat is being schedule so keep an eye out.  See you all there!