Break Outside the Box for True Flexibility with vSAN and vSphere

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by VMware vSAN storage and vSphere compute capabilities makes data center modernization achievable for any future-forward organization. Our revolutionary technology simplifies the transition to a modern data center while allowing users the flexibility to customize to their needs.

Alone, vSAN and vSphere are transformative solutions. Together, they’re even more powerful.

By combining the enterprise-class storage capabilities of vSAN and the server virtualization ability of vSphere, businesses experience a reliable and resilient digital foundation, flexible enough to suit their needs. This blog explores limitations organizations are facing today, and how VMware vSAN and vSphere break those barriers.

Boxed in by Legacy Tools

Today’s organizations can’t afford to be held back by traditional tools. The legacy tools and applications fall short of the mark when it comes to reliability and adaptability in an ever-changing, increasingly digital environment. Other solutions on the market may claim to be reliable, but true flexibility can only be achieved by allowing customization to fit unique individual needs.

By shifting away from these legacy tools that are boxing businesses in and keeping them from achieving true digital transformation, organizations allow themselves to unlock their potential and drive their business in a beneficial direction.

vSAN and vSphere – a Powerful Pair

vSAN and vSphere, together enable customers to perform storage and compute tasks within a single, powerful platform and push their business in that favorable direction.

With the modern storage capabilities of vSAN, users can reduce both costs and complexity associated with traditional storage solutions and take the easiest path to HCI and the hybrid cloud. This integrated solution improves business agility, speeding up operations with an easy rollout and minimal training required.

Furthermore, the server virtualization capabilities of vSphere are now rearchitected with native Kubernetes, enabling users the flexibility to run existing enterprise applications alongside modern containerized applications in an integrated manner.

Running the solutions as one hyperconverged solution provides major benefits to IT teams and organizations. With HCI by VMware, enterprises have the flexibility to choose their data storage architecture. This maximizes their existing investment and paves the path to a hyperconverged future. Additionally, increased automation with vSAN and vSphere allows for greater efficiencies as the organization scales. Lifecycle management and policy-based encryption minimizes workloads for teams and allows them more time to perform business-critical tasks.

Break Outside the Traditional Storage Box

vSAN with vSphere provides the best-in-class HCI that customers need to reach their digital transformation goals and break outside the traditional storage box. Where legacy solutions fall short in flexibility and customizability, vSAN with vSphere exceeds expectations. Our HCI solution enables cost savings, modernized storage, operational efficiency, greater security across the entire software stack, and true flexibility.

Learn more about vSAN with vSphere and empower greater flexibility and efficiency today.