Hyperconverged Infrastructure Strategy vSAN

“Kickstart” your vSAN journey with 3 for 2

Many small to medium businesses with tight IT budgets and staffing constraints would relish the opportunity to refresh their IT infrastructure with the latest and greatest technologies. With data growing exponentially, there is a renewed focus on having a flexible yet resilient storage system to meet business needs. However, cost and operational overhead are two critical impediments from making this a reality- until now.



Why is Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) growing so rapidly in the marketplace and allowing IT budgets to stretch further? HCI eliminates the silos of three tier architecture and enables centralized management of compute, storage, and networking resources. With a tightly integrated hardware and software solution, customers eliminate the complexities associated with fiber channel networks, purpose built storage, and LUN planning. A single converged-IT team can now manage the compute and storage resources in less time, and freeing them to focus on other strategic business priorities.


As a building block to the VMware Digital Foundation, VMware vSAN™  is the only vSphere-native software for hyperconverged infrastructure allowing customers to utilize their existing virtualization investments in vSphere to build a scalable hyperconverged infrastructure solution. In fact, over 19,000 vSphere customers have adopted VMware vSAN™ at an increasing rate to realize the benefits of VMware’s unified software stack across compute, storage, networking and management. With an already familiar vCenter, there are no new tools to learn to manage your HCI environment, greatly reducing management overhead and costs. With vSAN, we offer customers the broadest deployment flexibility and freedom to choose their own hardware by having jointly certified HCI servers with every major OEM vendor.


To help you get started on this journey, take advantage of this incredible, limited time promotion to build your first HCI cluster by purchasing two nodes of vSAN software and getting the third node for free. That’s six vSAN Standard CPU licenses for the price of four. To learn more about this promotion, visit https://www.vmware.com/promotions/kickstart-vsan-3-for-2-promo.html. Contact your VMware authorized reseller to get started.



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