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Celebrating 10,000 Businesses Powered by VMware vSAN

Companies like Uber, AirBnB, Amazon, Alibaba and Facebook have completely changed consumer expectations and created an on-demand economy where goods are purchased at the push of a button. The digital systems powering these major industry shifts must be reliable, secure, and scalable in order to keep up with the new expectations of our digital world.

However, delivering a seamless digital experience does not just happen by chance. IT teams are often hampered by the limits of their traditional infrastructure. Hyper-converged infrastructure addresses these limitations by introducing a major shift in how IT infrastructure is deployed, managed and maintained—and VMware vSAN is leading the way.

This shift to a modern infrastructure provides organizations an agile IT infrastructure that helps lower costs, scale and respond quickly to business dynamics, and stay in front of the competition by seamlessly evolving current IT strategies.


Organizations are Winning Big with HCI Powered by vSAN

VMware vSAN is leading the way to a modernized data center by powering hyper-converged infrastructure — and the industry has recognized this movement. VMware recently announced that over 10,000 organizations are now leveraging vSAN to power their datacenters. Check out this video to see how Herbalife, Discovery and many others are paving the way for a software-defined data center powered by vSAN.

In addition to those customers captured on camera, many organizations took the stage at VMworld 2017 to share their HCI successes. Here are just a few of those examples:

  • Fox Networks spoke about running their biggest day — SuperBowl LI — entirely on VMware vSAN
  • LA Department of Power and Water replaced its traditional infrastructure for half the cost with a massive 10x boost to performance. And that performance boost was achieved by going from 256U of equipment to just 24U!
  • View more stories here from VMworld 2017

Every week we hear about new, bold companies that have broken from the status quo to realize the benefits of evolving their virtualization environment to HCI with vSAN. Check out our YouTube Storage Channel to hear from organizations such as Whirpool, Temple University and Health System and CenturyLink. You can also get a complete view of vSAN reference stories here.

We recognize that it takes courage and determination to steer away from traditional IT and we appreciate each of the more than 10,000 organizations that have made vSAN a part of their journey.

To learn more about joining the journey – try the risk-free assessment here.

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