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VMware Welcomes the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series

Lenovo and VMware are transforming the storage business together

Hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI, is the fastest growing market in IT, and the new Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series promises to expand the market even faster with Lenovo’s first turnkey, integrated system powered by VMware vSAN.

To understand why HCI is growing, you might consider how mobile phones transformed the digital photography market.  Before smartphones, professional-quality images required specialty cameras, expensive film, and a deep knowledge of F-stops, lighting, and lenses.  But once a quality camera was embedded in a smartphone, everyone could be a photographer. The consumerization of digital photography resulted in an explosion in the number of cameras, and intuitive smartphone apps made professional results accessible to all.

HCI similarly “consumerizes” storage for infrastructure teams who know servers, Ethernet, and VMware.  In place of separate, proprietary storage hardware, the ThinkAgile VX Series relies on high-reliability Lenovo servers powered by VMware vSAN software to deliver hyper-converged server and storage resources.  Even more important, HCI allows users to intuitively set and automate storage policies by workload—eliminating the need to understand obscure storage settings such as LUNs, fibre channel zoning, and queue depths.

The ThinkAgile VX Series makes it possible to modernize a data center with every server refresh.  Server buyers looking to upgrade hardware can find the latest Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and server-based flash performance in the ThinkAgile VX Series—at half the cost of an all-flash storage array.  And the latest vSAN software delivers features like deduplication, compression, software-based encryption, and stretch clusters that make HCI equally suited for environments from the edge to the core of the virtual private cloud running business-critical applications.

We are thrilled to see how Lenovo is making HCI the “go-to” solution for customers looking to modernize their infrastructure.  Enterprise customers value the joint certification, white-glove support, and worldwide reach that Lenovo and VMware offer.  This joint value will be especially important as HCI is deployed in vertical markets ranging from financial services to oil & gas to retail.

We think you will see that the new Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series shows just how easy it is to digitally transform your business with HCI solutions from Lenovo and VMware.

To learn more about how Lenovo is helping their customers realize the benefits of HCI powered by vSAN, visit the ThinkAgile VX Series website. You can also check out this video by Lee Caswell to learn how vSAN based hyper-converged solutions from Lenovo revolutionize how you can deliver your datacenter infrastructure.


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