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Hit Refresh on Distributed IT with the New HCI Acceleration Kit!

HCI keeps expanding into new areas because of the incredible value created by consolidating enterprise server and storage resources.  We are excited to announce a new hyper-converged offering that will drive HCI adoption even faster…this time beyond the walls of the central data center.The new VMware HCI Acceleration Kit leverages the power of single-socket servers with aggressive new vSphere and vSAN pricing from VMware to support the deployment of enterprise infrastructure in “Distributed IT” environments, where cost and manageability concerns have limited the adoption of traditional SANs.

If you’re interested in seeing how HCI software and hardware can be deployed for under $25,000 then read on!

Distributed IT: A Vertical View

The distributed nature of vertical applications drives the need for flexible, cost-sensitive  infrastructure that can be managed by generalists. Too often, the cost and management targets for deployment at scale have precluded the use of enterprise-class storage.

In retail environments, for example, traditional SAN solutions are simply too expensive and complex for thousands of stores.  In oil & gas facilities, mining sites, and remote manufacturing facilities, slow, unreliable WAN connections require processing at the edge where power, cooling and space are at a premium.  In military tactical deployments, size, weight, and power (SWAP) favor consolidated solutions that can be quickly deployed and more easily powered.

But some of the need for distributed IT emerged more recently as data sources transition from relatively few people to billions of intelligent sensors, cameras, and devices.  The burgeoning amount of data requires a distributed IT model with enterprise-grade infrastructure at a new cost point.



VMware vSAN Is Ideally Suited to Distributed IT

The new VMware HCI Acceleration Kit is tailor-made for these situations. The solution leverages the increasing power of single-socket servers to make enterprise storage a reality for distributed IT environments.  Specifically, the HCI Acceleration Kit offers:

  • Cost-effective enterprise infrastructure: HCI powered by vSAN reduces the capital cost of SAN storage costs by 50% and the HCI Acceleration Kit further reduces costs by taking advantage of low-cost, single-socket servers in a three node cluster.
  • Consolidated server and storage management: vSAN consolidates management using the popular vCenter management console with a VM-centric view that allows IT generalists to manage enterprise storage.
  • Hardware choice to reduce costs and risks: Choose from wide selection of certified VMware ReadyNode™ solutions available from leading server vendors and future-proof your investment with Day 1 support for latest technology.

HCI Acceleration Kit Details

The HCI Acceleration Kit consists of vSphere Standard and vSAN Standard for a three-node unlimited VM cluster of single-socket servers, all for $7,850 (US list), which includes a built-in 25% discount over list prices.  The solution is limited to single site installation.

You also have the HCI industry’s best hardware flexibility with support for our ReadyNode™ solution partners, who in collaboration with VMware vSAN have led the market by supporting latest technology including Intel Xeon CPUs from Day 1, including new Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs. This means you are able to get lowest cost by taking advantage of server economics, maintain hardware standard across your environment, and deploy a three-node cluster for under $25,000!



Take Your IT Vision Beyond the Data Center

The HCI Acceleration Kit lets you deploy HCI pretty much anywhere, yet still leverage your existing centralized vCenter deployment and support team. As business requirements change, then change some more, then change again, IT’s best response is a flexible architecture with a common management platform that scales from data center to edge and can be managed by IT generalists.

With the HCI Acceleration Kit, VMware is delivering that consistency for situations where the data center or public cloud are just not going to get it done. Take your IT vision beyond the data center, to wherever you need next-generation infrastructure.


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  1. How to control the cpu numbers in this scenario? Do we have license control, due to most servers are two-socket config.

  2. The licensing restrictions are enforced by EULA today and it will be enforced by software in the near future.

  3. The HCI Acceleration Kit offers a cost optimized solution for a business looking to get started on its Distribute IT deployment. The is intended for use cases where the resiliency and uptime requirements are not as stringent.

  4. Is it compliant to use the HCI Acceleration Kit on a dual socket server with only 1 CPU/Socket installed?

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