We all know that VMware Virtual SAN is the #1 enterprise-class primary storage solution for hyperconverged infrastructure, now with over 5,000 customers.


Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect are a web-scale platform to consolidate secondary data, data protection, replication, cloud tiering, and test/dev work ows. It is designed to meet the operational e ciencies, security, scalability requirements of the most demanding data management services in the enterprise. Unlike traditional data management solutions that require external media and management servers in order to backup, archive, and secure data, with Cohesity all the data management functions and services are performed directly on Cohesity DataPlatform.

Recently, VMware and Cohesity published a joint white paper detailing how together, Virtual SAN and Cohesity bring the simplicity of scale-out hyperconverged solutions to both primary and secondary storage.

This week we bring in VMware, Principal Architect in office of the CTO for Storage and Availability  Rawlinson RiveraCohesity VP of engineering, Johnny Chen and Principle Tech Marketing Architect, Drew Mcumisky to discuss this joint solution.

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