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Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode 15 – Nimble OS 3

Along with the release of their new Predictive All Flash Arrays, the Nimble operating system (NimbleOS) has been upgraded to version 3, and there are tons of useful new capabilities and features available for all systems.

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we bring in Nimble Technical Marketing Engineer Julian Cates to walk us through the Nimble portfolio, Nimble OS 3 and their vVols implementation which is arguably one of the most innovative implementations in the industry.


Julian Cates is a Sr Technical Marketing Engineer at Nimble Storage. In addition to being one of Nimble’s VMware subject matter experts, he is a father, husband, race car driver, motorcycle rider, guitar plater and semi-professional drone pilot. You can follow Julian on twitter @Julian_Cates.

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Julian walks through vVols on Nimble OS 3 at a VMUG Virtual Event.


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