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Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode 14 – SolidFire vVols done right


This week in Boulder Colorado, SolidFire set out to change the computer storage industry with their new ElementOS 9 which includes a revolutionary implementation of vSphere Virtual Volumes and an innovative cloud pricing model called FlashForward Capacity Licensing.

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we bring in SolidFire CTO Val Bercovici and Storage Janitor Andy Banta to discuss Element OS and why Dave Wright, SolidFire’s founder, vice president and general manager is describing their vVols implementation as “vVols done right”.



Val Bercovici, SolidFire Field CTO, is a key member of the SolidFire technical community, contributing industry thought leadership while acting as an evangelist for SolidFire, participating in industry, field, and customer events, telling the SolidFire story, and bringing inputs back to the SolidFire team that help shape their products. You can follow Val on twitter @valb00



Andy Banta is the Virtual Volumes Subject Matter Expert at SolidFire and self proclaimed storage Janitor. He’s active in the VMware community, presenting at VMworld and other events. Outside of work, Andy enjoys working on and racing cars, hiking, and Spanish wines. Follow Andy on twitter @AndyBanta


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