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Virtual SAN from a Customer Perspective: Low Cost without Sacrificing Performance


Wondering how you could save with Virtual SAN? Ben Gent, Global Cloud Architect at Tribune Media, explains how the low cost, low maintenance, and simple implementation led his team to choose Virtual SAN.

“Traditional storage is very expensive,” said Gent, “It’s expensive when you buy it, it’s expensive for someone like me to maintain it and make it work everyday, and it’s expensive to pay maintenance on it as it runs through its lifecycle. With VSAN, you’re not paying that. You’re doing something different.”

Tribune Media was able to purchase 40 terabytes of Virtual SAN usable disk in an 8-node system for less than they would have paid for a single shelf of storage with the peace of mind knowing VSAN is simple to use and maintain.

“If I had to sum VSAN up, it’s very simple to use, it’s simple to implement, it’s part of the core VMware product, and it doesn’t take a lot of day-to-day engineering to keep it running,” said Gent.


To learn more about Tribune Media’s experience with Virtual SAN, watch the full video below.



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