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VMware Virtual SAN™ with Cisco UCS®– a Hyper-Converged solution

Cisco and VMware have released new Virtual SAN Ready Nodes based on Cisco UCS C240 and C220 M4 – click here for configurations. Cisco Ready Nodes are available on Cisco CCW. A Star Bundle is also available that includes both the Cisco Ready Node and the VMware Virtual SAN software.

This will further expand the strategic collaboration based on the global agreement for Cisco to include VMware Virtual SAN™ in Cisco’s OEM price book. Cisco’s Worldwide Sales (field and channel partners) continue to resell Virtual SAN along with UCS.

As Virtual SAN is part of vSphere kernel, customers benefit from a strong and proven foundation between vSphere and UCS. Cisco UCS provides rapid compute provisioning, unified management, linear scalability and operational simplicity for a Virtual SAN environment.  UCS service profiles allow fast single touch infrastructure provisioning for vSphere and Virtual SAN deployment. Cisco UCS Manager seamlessly integrates underlying infrastructure with VMware management to rapidly deploy new servers in a fraction of time.

In addition, when used for Horizon, which is one of the leading use cases for VMware Virtual SAN, Cisco UCS delivers linearly scalability and high performance both while scaling up and scaling out Virtual SAN nodes.

Check out the following resources on the joint Virtual SAN on Cisco UCS solution:

Please work with your Cisco sales representative to quote and order Cisco UCS Virtual SAN Ready Nodes using Cisco Commerce Build & Price. Please direct inquiries for additional support on UCS VSAN Ready Nodes to ucs-vsan@cisco.com

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