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Microsoft Songsmith on the Mac with VMware Fusion

logo_songsmith OK, so this has been making the rounds a bit, by virtue of an almost sinfully terrible demo video put together to show of the software (did they make it that bad on purpose, knowing that it would make it more viral?  Hmmmm…maybe something to keep in mind for Fusion videos!).

Microsoft Research, who also brought you Microsoft Photosynth and Microsoft Worldwide Telescope, just launched Songsmith, software that will, essentially, make a song for you based on lyrics you sing to a given beat.

Like most Microsoft Research projects, it’s Windows-only, so as usual we wondered how does this perform on the Mac, with VMware Fusion?

A user named mrzarquon over at MetaFilter has already answered our question for us

In a devilish stroke of genius, he took the vocal-only track of David Lee Roth singing “Runnin’ with the Devil” and played it via Safari out the speakers of his Mac.  At the same time, he was running Songsmith on Windows on Mac via VMware Fusion.  Songsmith grabbed the audio via the onboard mic on the Mac, processed the vocal track, and then output a “Songsmithed” version of the Van Halen classic.

As he notes, he put the “happy” slider to full.  Is that the software version of “ours go to eleven”? 

You can hear what the output sounds like by bopping over to the thread, here.

And here’s the demo video that’s making everyone cringe…and then download.  Enjoy!

Ars Technica Reviews Linux GIMP on Mac using VMware Fusion

2-brushes Dave Girard (who recently reviewed VMware Fusion 2 for Ars Technica) just posted a killer review of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) for Linux, running on his Mac with VMware Fusion 2.

We talk a lot about how VMware Fusion is great for running Windows on Mac and Windows-only applications like Google Chrome on Mac, and so on, but it’s good to remember also that VMware Fusion 2 supports more than 60 operating systems as a VM—so that means you can run your favorite Linux apps, on your Mac, without rebooting too.

In fact, with the launch of Fusion 2, you can even run those Linux apps in Unity view, so long as you’re running in Ubuntu or Red Hat.  So, if you wanted to, you could keep GIMP in your dock, and use it as your standard image editing tool, if you so desired.  Pretty cool!

Thanks for the exhaustive review, as usual, Dave.

And here’s a demo video of Unity for Linux in VMware Fusion 2:

VMware Fusion at Macworld Video Interview with TUAW

The folks over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog came by our booth at Macworld, and talked to us about 3D acceleration in virtual machines, VMware Fusion on Xserve, and more.

You can check out the post and the video here.

Pete_s VMware Dell

Join Team Fusion at our Pre-Macworld Expo User Meetup

thank-you As a big “thank you” to the Mac faithful making the trek to San Francisco for the Macworld Expo, the VMware Fusion team is hosting a user meetup at the Thirsty Bear just down the street from Moscone Center (map). 

The event starts at 5:30 and runs till 8:00 (or they kick us out!).

We’ll be supplying the appetizers, the Fusion team, the laptop and bumper stickers, and venue.  All you need to do is supply your smiling face and any of the libations you might want to partake in (we spend our budget on engineering!)

You can see more information here.

It’s been a big year for us since the last Macworld, as summed up nicely in this blog post by Pat Lee, Fusion’s former product manager, and VMware’s consumer products lead.

So come on our and celebrate with us!

And then stop by our booth on the show floor all throughout this week to learn more about Fusion, or just say hi.

Who: VMware Fusion users, fans, and friends.
What: Pre-Macworld VMware Fusion User Meetup
Where: Thirsty Bear Restaurant, 661 Howard, SF, CA (map)
When: 5:30-8:00 PM, Monday, January 5th, 2008
Why: Because you’re a friend of Fusion, and want to come hang out with the team!

Come Visit VMware Fusion at Macworld


Macworld’s just around the corner, and the VMware Fusion team is going to be there demoing our hearts out, talking to users, and doing our best to engage with the Mac faithful.

Come Say Hi!

Firstly, location.  We’ll be located in Booth 2202 in Moscone South.  This is the hall where Apple is located, and we’re on the right as you enter the hall.  Just turn right as you enter, and look for the big VMware banners hanging from the ceiling…

Or, just look at this map:


What We’ll Be Up To

We’ll be demoing VMware Fusion 2 on five demo stations, handing out “My Mac Loves VMware” laptop and bumper stickers, and doing presentations in our theater.

Even better, we’ll have some special guests in our theater.  Every day at 2PM, Joe Kissell from Take Control Publishing, will be presenting tips and tricks from his awesome book “Take Control of VMware Fusion 2”, the quintessential power user’s guide to VMware Fusion 2.

So if you would like to come say hi, whether you’re a curious would-be user, a current customer, press, partner, or so on, our booth is the place to be.  We’ll have something for everyone.

RSVP Pretty Please

If you’re planning on coming by our booth, do us a favor and drop us a note in the comments, or RSVP for our Facebook event.

Also, if you’re in town on Monday night, we’ll be sponsoring a user meetup at The Thirsty Bear restaurant, providing some good company and some tasty appetizers for Friends of Fusion before the show starts. 

Again, please RSVP so we know how many people to expect!

We’ll see you in San Francisco!

PHP and Web Development Tips with VMware Fusion

Brian Roy published a fun video blog today with some tips for how to do really easy web application development using VMware Fusion on your Mac.

Brian is a web developer, and he does a lot of development using PHP, which ultimately runs in a LAMP stack.  In his case, a lot of his work runs in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Brian uses VMware Fusion as a way to have a virtual machine instance of Fedora (which is what Amazon runs in its EC2 cloud) on his Mac, in which VM he has created a shared folder that points out onto his Mac, where his PHP and HTML code resides.

Brian likes to code using the text editor Smultron, on his Mac, and so when he saves off what he’s doing in Smultron somewhere in his Mac Documents folder, he can immediately pop over to his Fedora VM on Fusion, and test run that code over the shared folder.

That is to say, Apache, running in that Fedora VM, can execute that PHP code, via the shared folder, which looks out onto Brian’s Mac.

You can watch Brian’s video below, and below that, there’s one of our handy tutorials that talks about shared folders.  Enjoy!

Video: VMware Fusion Developer Tips and Apple after Steve Jobs from Brian Roy on Vimeo.


And here’s that video tutorial on using Shared Folders:

Autodesk Loves VMware Fusion: AutoCAD on the Mac

I was checking out my Google Alerts the other day, and came across this great blog post about running AutoCAD on the Mac with VMware Fusion

I’ve seen posts like this before, of course, but what really made me happy this time around was that it was an official Autodesk blog talking about it!  How’s that for validation?

In the post, Shaan Hurley talks about the niceties of running AutoCAD on a Mac, and the various way to do it, including both Boot Camp and virtualization, fairly mentioning both us and our primary competition in the field.

But what really made me smile was this part:

We showed AutoCAD 2009 running on a Mac using VMware Fusion last week at Autodesk University 2008 in the General Design booth.


Yup, that’s right.  When the rubber really hits the road, at a tradeshow, where you want to put your best foot forward, and make sure everything “just works,” the AutoCAD team selected VMware Fusion 2.  Check out the great picture of them at the booth.  

We on the Fusion team haven’t done any specific demo videos showing off AutoCAD, but I did some quick YouTube research, and lo and behold, there are handful of helpful videos out there showing off VMware Fusion 2 (you know, the one with the enhanced 3D acceleration features? Yeah, that one. ) running AutoCAD.

Here are the videos I found (with Spanish captions, no less!):

The first one shows off how to disable the “Optimize Mouse for Gaming” feature to get the best performance.

And this one shows off Unity, Single Windows, and Full Screen views:

And here’s everyone’s favorite “OMG! 3D acceleration is in Fusion 2” demo (in which I got to play Gears of War at work…nice eh?)

VMware Fusion 2 Podcast on For Mac Eyes Only

The folks over at For Mac Eyes Only were nice enough to invite us to join in on one of their podcasts. 

They published it late last week, and if you’re interested in some of the inside scoop regarding VMware Fusion 2, the design considerations that went into its features, and such, hop on over, and check it out!

And if you’re into Mac stuff in general, think about adding FMEO (that’s what the cool kids call “For Mac Eyes Only”!) to your iTunes / RSS subscriptions or following them on Twitter.

One Day VMware Fusion Madness: 50% off VMware Fusion. Combine with Competitive Rebate

The VMware E-store team wanted to do something a little crazy to celebrate Cyber Monday—the first Monday after the great annual shopping holiday known as “Black Friday.”

So they decided to go whole hog. 

From 12:01 AM Pacific Time (well, I think it actually might be live right now) on December 1st, 2008 through 11:59 PM, 24 hours later, VMware Fusion will be on sale for 50% off, worldwide.

That’s right.  Using the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” at checkout, you can buy VMware Fusion at half off its typical list price.

What’s more, in the United States and Canada, this deal combines with our $30 competitive rebate for Parallels and Virtual PC for Mac users. On top of getting Fusion for half off, you can get $30 back when you prove ownership of a competing product.

So yes, you heard that right.

People interested in running Windows on the Mac, can do so with Fusion for half price, all day tomorrow.

And people interested in switching from Parallels and Virtual PC to VMware Fusion can do so for as little as $9.99.

How’s that for the holidays come early?

VMware Fusion 2.0.1 Update Available

images Happy Friday everyone!

This is a quick note to let you know that VMware Fusion 2.01 is now available, a free maintenance update to VMware Fusion 2. 

You can download the new bits here.

VMware Fusion 2.0.1 features enhancements and fixes in follow up to the release of VMware Fusion 2 and the Apple notebook refresh.

You can read all about it in the release notes, but some quick things of interest:

  • One of my favorites: AutoProtect postpones taking a snapshot when the user is interacting with the virtual machine. Watch a video demo of AutoProtect, here.
  • Now shows application badge instead of generic document icons when assigning Windows applications to Mac documents.
  • Greatly reduced initial pause when opening mirrored or shared folders.
  • No longer disables certain shared folders and mirrored folders that were nested folders. The potential data loss issue with nested shared folders has been resolved.
  • No longer publishes Windows guest applications to Mac if “Allow the virtual machine to open applications on your Mac” is unchecked in virtual machine Settings > Sharing.
  • Brings back the Enable Hints menu item in Help menu.

There are more enhancements and bug fixes 100% broken out the release notes, here.

In the meantime, go get the bits!