VMware Fusion 2 University: Import a Parallels or Virtual PC Virtual Machine

Continuing in our theme of the different ways to move to VMware Fusion, today’s video revolves around importing a Parallels-based virtual machine or Virtual PC for Mac-based virtual machine to run on VMware Fusion 2.

Lots of people enjoy the stability, power, and user-friendliness of VMware Fusion, and as such, are switching from Parallels Desktop for Mac to instead use VMware Fusion 2 to run Windows on Mac.

And people who have been using Virtual PC for Mac to run Windows in emulation (NOT virtualization, like VMware Fusion) on their Power PC-based Macs, but who are now moving to Intel Macs, will certainly be looking for a new way to run Windows on Mac.

In fact, recently, people like Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, and Dave Girard of Ars Technica have been noting that VMware Fusion is the better way to run Windows on the Mac.

Switch to Fusion with Unparalleled Ease

In order to make this really easy for our users to switch and not have to rebuild their VMs, and the work that went into them, we’ve included a feature in VMware Fusion 2 that allows you to directly import Parallels and Virtual PC for Mac (for those people moving from Power PC-based Macs up to Intel-based Macs) to run in VMware Fusion.

Like most things with VMware Fusion, it’s easy, straight-forward, and “just works.”  You can check out the video below to see how easy it is.

And as a quick ad, this video is taken from the more than dozen VMware Fusion 2 video tutorials made freely available to help you get the most out of VMware Fusion 2.


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  1. I have a version of paralles 4.0 and I want to convert my virtual window xp machine into fusion. I go to file and click import. After that I select paralles and then I can see my virtual xp machine with a .pvm index and it is grayed out. the computer is not letting me choose this virtual machine to convert. Can ou help me please.

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