Project Antrea

Announcing Project Antrea – Open Source Kubernetes Networking


By Project Antrea Maintainers: Antonin Bas, Salvatore Orlando, Jianjun Shen, Quan Tian We are excited to announce Project Antrea – an open source networking and security project for Kubernetes clusters. The project is designed using Kubernetes architecture and technologies from the ground up and aims to provide an open, flexible and performant networking and security Read more...

Introducing Clair: A Powerful Tool for Container Security


By Martin Vrachev  I want to let you know about Clair, an open source tool that lets you scan containers and Docker images for potential security problems. It was developed initially at Coreos and is now around three years old with more than 80 contributors in total. I’ve been contributing to it recently and have Read more...

How to Create Good Good-First-Issues


By Nisha Kumar A good-first-issue, as you probably know, is a GitHub issue or pull request that has been marked by its creator as appropriate for beginners. Typically, it’s also given a good first issue label, making it easier for newcomers to find, although some projects use terms like easy-fix, beginner-friendly, or low-hanging fruit.  However Read more...