EdgeX Foundry

OSS Preview: EdgeX Foundry 1.0 Released!


By Malini Bhandaru For any software project, one is a big number. By publishing a 1.0 release, you declare your project to be all grown up and ready to help change the world. We’ve just reached that point with EdgeX Foundry, the Linux Foundation-hosted project that is building an open platform for IoT edge computing. Read more...
code review

The Humble Checklist: My Path to High Quality Code Review


By Matt Hippely In my last post, I reviewed the “fork and pull” method of open source contribution that has become the gold standard for those looking to build an iterative, standardized and secure open source project that is simultaneously inviting to new contributors. This time, I want to look examine what typically comes after a Read more...
Travis CI

Continuous Test-Driven Development Is Easier Than You Think


By Eric Brown People sometimes have the impression that continuous, upstream test-driven development is hard—and that can make them feel better about not doing it. But I want to make the case that it’s a lot easier than you think. First, it’s worth pointing out that testing really is important. Say I write some code Read more...