He Said It Was No Big Deal: Linux 5.8 Release

While Steven Rostedt asserts that the Linux 5.8 release was “no big deal,” his blog on the subject was a hit. Over 18,000 people read the post and have driven dozens of discussions as a result. Steven lays out the overview of the release and its myriad of components, colorfully describing the value of each from his perspective. He contends that while the code release was one of the largest in history, the level of change was not. 

These code releases are rhythmic and reliable. That is due in part to best practices that were established early and are adhered to by everyone. 

“There’s a culture of continuous improvement within the kernel community that led us to adopt these practices in the first place. But we also have a culture of trust. We have a clear pathway via which people can make contributions and demonstrate over time that they are both willing and able to move the project forward. That builds a web of trusted relationships that have been key to the project’s long term success.”  

– Steven Rostedt

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the post, don’t miss it! Linux 5.9 was recently just released. We’re off to ask Steven what he has to say about that! 


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