Community Signal: Is Your Open Source Project Healthy?

In a recent episode of Community Signal, Patrick O’Keefe (@patrickokeefe) interviews Dawn Foster (@geekygirldawn) with focus on open source community health. 

Supporting the community is really top-of-mind for Dawn and her colleagues in the VMware Open Source Program Office. Tying the open source contributor strategy closely to the corporate business goals makes it easier to gain executive support, while making good, wholesome contributions to the community.

Dawn discusses some of her favorite examples of where her strategy has been applied. She goes into detail on the Kubernetes project and the strategic involvement by both Pivotal and VMware. By involving various parts of the company, developers from across the organization become strategic in closing all the gaps in the projects.

Patrick and Dawn explore the risks and rewards of being a solo champion within the open source community. Mentoring others to increase community involvement in open source projects drives up the probability of success.

Listen to the full Community Signal podcast episode to hear more about risk assessment and how individual contributor metrics are integrated into the framework by clicking here.

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