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SpringOne 2020: A Stream Come True

Autumn might be just around the corner, but we have spring on our minds – SpringOne, that is. Every year, this conference boasts a stacked schedule full of dynamite speakers and breakout sessions focused on getting apps to production. And while this year’s SpringOne is completely virtual, it’s shaping up to be just as innovative of an event. Taking place over two jam-packed days full of carefully curated content, this conference is certainly one you won’t want to miss. 

VMware joins SpringOne as an integral Spring supporter, with several of our experts sharing best practices and insights at the free virtual event. You definitely won’t want to miss the Day 1 Keynote featuring VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger alongside Spring Co-Founder Juergen Hoeller as they discuss Spring, modern apps and the need to get to prod. 

You’ll also want to check out the Day 2 Keynote with Kubernetes Co-Founder Craig McLuckie, where he’ll discuss the building and scaling of developer-centric platforms. In addition to these keynotes, here’s a breakdown of some other VMware hosted sessions to mark on your calendars:

What is Spring? – Wednesday, September 2nd, 7:05 AM PDT

Are you new to Spring and curious about what exactly it does? Then this talk is for you! VMware Software Developer Glenn Renfro will walk through a brief history of Spring Framework. From there, he will discuss the layers of Spring and what each layer does. As he covers the various layers, he will give an overview of the key projects that comprise each of them. 

Kubernetes YAML + Science = Sanity – Wednesday, September 2nd, 9:05 AM PDT 

In this session, VMware Senior Staff Engineer Bryan Liles (and KubeCon co-chair fame) would like to reimagine how to work with YAML, which is commonly used for configuration files and in apps where data is being stored or transmitted. YAML isn’t going away, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier. Bryan will showcase this by:

  • Demonstrating a small example and incrementally adding new functionality. 
  • Showing how developers can introduce concepts like generators and transformers to make YAML extensible. 
  • Introducing the concept of knobs and switches to show how you can make your YAML consumable by others. 
  • Presenting a few use cases to show how we can use science to make YAML work for us instead of the other way around. 

Observability Enhancements in Steeltoe – Wednesday, September 2nd, 10:05 AM PDT

Observability is a key component of reliable software engineering, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Steeltoe brings a portable observability story to .NET applications. It enables applications to be moved between environments without changing the codebase for observability. VMware Staff Software Engineer Hananiel Sarella will explore the various features that Steeltoe has to offer, including: 

  • Auto-collectors: EventCounters, EventListeners and DiagnosticListeners
  • Exporters: Metrics, Trace, Prometheus actuators and Zipkin
  • Integrations: Dashboards in Grafana, Wavefront, Tanzu Application Service and Spring Boot Admin

The Past Year in Spring for Apache Geode – Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 12:35 PM PDT

In this session, VMware Staff Engineer John Blum will discuss some of the key developments in the Spring portfolio focused on Apache Geode and VMware Tanzu GemFire from the past year. Specifically, he will look at features in Spring Data, Spring Session, Spring Test and Spring Boot for Apache Geode that will help attendees build cloud-ready Spring applications faster, more reliably and at scale.

State of Steeltoe 2020 – Thursday, September 3rd, 2:05 PM PDT

The Steeltoe .NET project is all about providing developers with the tools they need to quickly implement some of the common patterns – such as configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers and distributed tracing – used in building highly scalable, enterprise-quality microservices. This session, led by VMware Software Engineer Tim Hess, will provide an overview of what’s new and different in Steeltoe’s latest releases and what features are coming soon. As a returning Pivotal open source project back to VMware, we are excited to dive deeper into Steeltoe’s new functionality. 

The sessions listed above are just a glimpse at what VMware innovators will be offering at SpringOne 2020. Check out the full schedule here for a more in-depth look at what this event will offer. We look forward to connecting and engaging with you at SpringOne! 

Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource) for updates leading up to and throughout SpringOne.


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