Boomerang Back: The Return of Pivotal Open Source Projects

The world of open source is vast, ever-changing and full of pleasant surprises. Where people, ideas, and community thrive, discovery and reunions can’t be avoided. At VMware, the recent addition of Pivotal triggered more than one reunion, and for many, the delight of discovery is just beginning.

Pivotal was lead sponsor for many open source projects – from Cloud Foundry to the popular Spring family of projects and some hidden gems like Geode and Concourse. Project maintainers, community and developer advocates devoted to these projects also held Pivotal badges – and today, VMware badges.  But some of these projects came to life while at VMware many years ago and while these projects are now “of the community” more than ever, we still welcome these projects “back” to VMware.

It’s been a few years, and much has changed — to get acquainted (or perhaps re-acquainted) with these projects, follow our new series profiling several top projects over the course of the next few weeks. Through interviews with developer advocates, project maintainers, and user community, we’ll take you on a journey to visit each project and get up to speed on the latest developments.

Get your ticket and get on board– here are the stops along the way:

  • Cloud Foundry: originated at VMware, blossomed at Pivotal, and mainstreamed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation
  • Cloud Foundry BOSH: cloud-agnostic open source tool for release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management of complex distributed systems – originally developed for Cloud Foundry, now enables all types of environments.
  • Spring, SpringBoot, and the family of Spring projects: one of the most popular Java Development frameworks today
  • RabbitMQ: a message broker with a 13-year open source history… great then, even better now
  • Concourse: a “thing doer”…for those that do things!
  • Steeltoe: for .Net community…a development framework designed for you – new 3.0 features fresh off its February release
  • Apache Geode: a data management platform originally developed by GemStone Systems (circa 2002), commercially available as GemFire, this project is hosted by the Apache Foundation
  • Apache Tomcat: a lightweight Java application server, also goes by its commercial name, tcServer, this 21-year old project pushed its latest stable release in early February this year

Of course, this list is not exhaustive – there are many more open source projects built, managed, nurtured, and by our new larger family of open source contributors and leaders. Did we miss one that you’d like to know more about? Let us know… reply in the comments section with your suggestions.

To learn more about open source and stay up-to-date on new open source projects and developments, explore our blog and follow us on Twitter (@vmwopensource).


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