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The only constant in life is change! We loved our old blog layout and know many of you have grown accustomed to it. It was created as we launched the Open Source Program Office nearly four years ago. But the time has come for an upgrade. With that, we’re excited to debut our blog refresh.

A Sustainable Look

Let’s start by introducing you to the banner art. This represents VMware’s corporate commitment to sustainability. You will find illustrations on this theme all across VMware online and in print. We’ve added some of the musings of open source to represent the creativity and connection of our great community. Stay tuned, as our scene changes with the seasons!

Find What You Need

Moving down, you will see a cleaner, more distinctive layout providing white space balance for viewing ease. The Trending Topics section helps you locate blogs within those categories, or you can opt for a customized search.

New Video Highlights

Have you ever wanted to meet some of our Open Source technologists up close and personal? Here’s your chance to hear them speak candidly about some of their favorite topics. From scuba diving to what makes them “scratch that itch” when selecting open source projects, our team is sharing stories.

A Treasure Trove of Authors

New to our layout is the Meet the Team section. Familiarizing yourself with our most valuable assets has never been easier. Click through to spend some time getting to know our illustrious open source authors or search for articles written by your favorites.

All in Good Time

Quantifying the amount of time it takes to get through each article, we’ve listed the read time to each article. We hope this helps you engage with the content according to your availability.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new layout and we welcome feedback on the new the tools within the refresh. As with all new construction projects, we’ll be working through our punch list. If you find anything that has gone awry, please feel free to leave us comments!