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John Hawley Talks Open Source on the “Bootiful Podcast”

John Hawley, VMware Open Source Program Office Engineer, speaks with Josh Long on the Bootiful Podcast. This episode covers a range of topics including home network security, Kernel.org, and Ansible.

John gets introduced at minute 13:22, and the two immediately reminisce about the good ‘ole days before some of the technology that we currently take for granted and that all works smoothly today. Josh gives kudos to VMware and the other commercial corporations who are contributing to and maintaining Open Source projects.

bootiful podcastJohn runs through his 25 years of open source, reviewing his contributions to Kernel.org, Ansible, and OpenShift. His journey has rendered him a jack-of-all-trades, and he is quite comfortable with the moniker of Platform Engineer. He is an affectionate Perl coder, who dabbles in Python and Ruby.

The VMware Open Source Program Office tends to focus on the upstream process, which includes the original Pivotal. Other projects include Apache TomCat, Reddis, Spring, and RabbitMQ.

Exploring John’s current projects and hobbies, Josh keys in on John’s pet project of home security and his celebrated design of an Insanely Complex Personal Firewall.

For more, listen to the Bootiful podcast for a friendly exchange on the progress made in open source over the last couple of decades and a few chuckles over the WiFi settings on John’s dishwasher.

Stay tuned to the Open Source Blog for more on VMware’s contributions to open source and be sure to follow us (@vmwopensource) and John Hawley (@warty9) on Twitter for all the latest open source insights and updates.


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