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A Consistent Approach to GPLv2 Compliance


Over the past nine months, we have seen a growing consensus in the industry regarding one specific aspect of GPL compliance. Since the October 2017 announcement of the Linux kernel Technical Advisory Board’s Linux Kernel Enforcement Statement, which stated that the Linux kernel project was adopting the GPLv3 cure commitment, a significant number of key Read more...
VMware is a Linux Foundation Gold Member, stepping up its commitment to open source development and community.

Stepping It Up


The Linux Foundation is an organization that I have been deeply involved in for many years. I was a founder and Board member of the Free Standards Group (FSG) when we merged it and Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to create The Linux Foundation in 2007. (For open source history buffs, technically The Linux Foundation Read more...
Dirk Hohndel on what to expect from an open source project.

Project, Process, and Product(ion)


By Dirk Hohndel, VP, Chief Open Source Officer at VMware This is a familiar topic; I’m reasonably certain I have talked about this for about twenty years in one form or another. I’m sure we all have, at some point, heard that catchy line “I use open source for this because it’s free” – which Read more...

What to Expect from an Open Source Project


Wherever you go, companies talk about open source. Sometimes it seems it is everywhere. Everyone is doing it. Microsoft is a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation! So, open source has won and we all should just rely on upstream to give us the custom-built products that we need and otherwise go home, right? Well, Read more...