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Configuring vCNS Edge Load Balancer for vRealize Operations HA Cluster


With its new architecture, vRealize Operations unified UI is expected to get lots of HTTPS requests traffic, so it makes a lot of sense to load balance it, no?! Virtualization, storage and network admins, NOC teams, application owners and more are your potential vRealize Operations users. With VMware consistent UI improvement initiative and HTML5 roadmaps, Read more...

vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #32 – vCloud OvDC Admin vCenter Operations Custom Dashboard – Part 3


In the second part of this series we’ve created the Virtual Machine Super Metrics needed for the OvDC Admin Custom Dashboard. The rest of the Super Metrics we are about to create in this part, are the ones related to vCloud Resource Kinds and will focus on calculating metrics while taking Resource Kind hierarchy into account. This Custom Dashboard Read more...