vExpert Cloud Management December 2019 Blog Digest

Every month we publish a digest of blogs created by our vExpert Cloud Management Community. These blogs are written by industry professionals from around the vCommunity and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize Operations, vRealize Network Insight, and vRealize Log Insight. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. In July of 2019, we spun off a sub-program called vExpert Cloud Management for vExperts who specialize in products from VMware’s Cloud Management Business unit, namely the vRealize Suite. vExperts share their knowledge in many ways including presentations at VMware User Groups (VMUG), writing blog posts, and even creating content on YouTube.


December was a busy month for our vExperts. We completed our Zombie VM Hunt where we challenged the community to come up with ways to combat wasted resources in the datacenter. Applications for the 2020 vExpert program opened up, and of course the holidays! Despite everything happening all at once, our community didn’t stop producing some great blog posts and VMUG presentations! Below are some of the top blog posts for the month of December 2019 created by our Cloud Management vExperts.


UK North West VMUG – 21/11/19 by Lukas Winn (@lukaswinn) United Kingdom

Dell EMC Storage Analytics for vROps by Alain Geenrits (@alaingeenrits) Belgium

VCF on VxRail – Deploying the vRealize Suite (Part 1 – VRSLCM) by David Ring (@DavidCRing) Ireland

VCF on VxRail – Deploying the vRealize Suite (Part 2 – vROps) by David Ring (@DavidCRing) Ireland


A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our vExperts for their contributions to the community! For previous blog digests check out the links below.

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