vExpert Cloud Management June 2022 Blog Digest

Every month, we gather blogs from members of the vExpert Cloud Management program and bring you a digest of all the latest happenings from around the community. These blogs are written by industry professionals and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize OperationsvRealize Network InsightvRealize Log InsightvRealize AutomationVMware SkylinevRealize Automation StaltStack Config, and CloudHealth by VMware. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. Below, you will find a digest of the blogs written by the community in June of 2022.

VMware vRealize SaltStack Config as a Windows Server Admin – Part 9 by Dale Hassinger (@dalehassinger) United States

VMware vRealize SaltStack Config API by Dale Hassinger (@dalehassinger) United States

VMware Skyline Related Blogs

VMware Skyline Insights API PowerShell Module by Brian Wuchner (@bwuch) United States

vRealize Automation Related Blogs

Deploying vRA 8.8 using the Easy Installer by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

VMware vRealize Automation 8.8.1 Is Now Available by Steven Bright (@stevenbright) United States

VMware vRealize Automation 8.8.1 Released by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark

Upgrading to vRealize Automation 8.8.1 by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Upgrade vRealize Automation (vRA) 8.x by Diego Tunubalá (@diegof_1) Colombia

vRealize LogInsight Queries to track certain create/update/delete actions in vRealize Automation by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Adding a new webhook for git results in failure by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Onboarding task deleted all virtual machines which were being onboarded? by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Workflow exceptions post onboarding a virtual machine by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Exam Review VCP-CMA 2022 by Rudi Martinsen (@RudiMartinsen) Norway

vRealize Automation Active Directory Integration Configure LDAPS by Dean Lewis (@saintdle) Great Britain

vRealize Log Insight Related Blogs

What’s New in vRealize Log Insight Cloud June 2022 by Munishpal Makhija (@munishpal_singh) United States

Send vRLI Alerts to Microsoft Teams by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) United States

Log Insight automating Groups and Roles by Paul E. Grevink (@PaulGrevink) Netherlands

vRealize Orchestrator Related Blogs

vRealize Build Tools/vRealize Developer Tools by Lukasz Tworek (@TworekLukasz) Poland

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Related Blogs

vRealize Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) 8 certificate management by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_) United States

Comprehensive Guide to Upgrade & PSPAK Implementation for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.x by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

vRSLCM Easy Installer deployment fails while initializing postgres by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore


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