vExpert Cloud Management July 2022 Blog Digest

Every month, we gather blogs from members of the vExpert Cloud Management program and bring you a digest of all the latest happenings from around the community. These blogs are written by industry professionals and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize OperationsvRealize Network InsightvRealize Log InsightvRealize AutomationVMware SkylinevRealize Automation StaltStack Config, and CloudHealth by VMware. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. Below, you will find a digest of the blogs written by the community in July of 2022.

Scaling Down vRealize Automation 7.x by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

VMware vRealize Automation/Code Stream and Docker host on Photon OS by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark

vRA with vIDM RBAC by Lukasz Tworek (@TworekLukasz) Poland

vRA Cloud Template and Not Well Documented Special Properties by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark

Re-Trust vRA with vIDM from vRSLCM | Deep-Dive by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

vRA Cloud: Request Kubernetes cluster using self service catalog item by Ankush (@ankush11s) India

vRO8 Dump Workflow Logs by Krisztian Kuklis (@kuklis_k) Hungary

vRealize Automation Deploying a GKE Cluster with Code Stream, add to Tanzu Mission Control & Tanzu Service Mesh by Dean Lewis (@saintdle) Great Britain

vRealize Log Insight Related Blogs

Forward OCVS SDDC Logs To vRealize Log Insight Cloud by Munishpal Makhija (@munishpal_singh) United States

Forward AVS SDDC logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud by Munishpal Makhija (@munishpal_singh) United States

vRealize Operations Related Blogs

CloudHealth – Configuring vRealize Operations cost visibility for your private datacenters by Dean Lewis (@saintdle) Great Britain

Sending vROps Alerts to Microsoft Teams by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) United States

vROps and vRLI Integrations by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) United States

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Related Blogs

vIDM based authentication in vRSLCM | deep-dive | by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Unable to generate vRSLCM log bundle through UI by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Upgrade Planner in vRSLCM 8.8.2 by Arun Nukula (@nukalaarun) Singapore

Trusting Self Issued Certificates from vRSLCM by Allan Kjaer (@Allan_Kjaer) Denmark


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