vExpert Cloud Management May 2022 Blog Digest

Every month, we gather blogs from members of the vExpert Cloud Management program and bring you a digest of all the latest happenings from around the community. These blogs are written by industry professionals and often feature walkthroughs, feature highlights, and news for vRealize OperationsvRealize Network InsightvRealize Log InsightvRealize AutomationVMware SkylinevRealize Automation StaltStack Config, and CloudHealth by VMware. The vExpert title is awarded to individuals who dedicate their time outside of work to share their experiences and useful information about VMware products with the rest of the community. Below, you will find a digest of the blogs written by the community in May of 2022.

vRealize Automation Related Blogs

VMware vRealize Automation 8.8 Is Now Available by Steven Bright (@stevenbright) United States

vRA8 XaaS Custom Destroy Workflow by Krisztian Kuklis (@kuklis_k)

Back to Basics: Using Postman’s Environments and Tests with vRealize Automation by Mark Brookfield (@virtualhobbit)

Upgrading vRA (vRealize Automation) to 8.8 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_)

Upgrading SSC (SaltStack Config) to 8.8 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_)

Upgrade Salt Master on vRA SSC Appliance by Paolo Romagnoli (@promagno80)

vRealize Log Insight Related Blogs

Upgrade Log Insight using Ansible and Azure DevOps by Paul E. Grevink (@PaulGrevink)

vRealize Log Insight Daily Disk Consumption Quick Tip by Thomas Kopton (@ThomasKopton)

Uncovering missing Active Directory subnets with vRealize Log Insight by Brian Wuchner (@bwuch)

Searching Specific Index Partitions in vRLI 8.8 by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware)

vRLI Cloud: KB Insights, Live Tail, and Log RCA by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware)

vRealize Operations Related Blogs

Monitoring Windows Drives and Linux Filesystems with vROps by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware) United States

VMware vRealize Operations 8.6.3 is Now Available by Steven Bright (@stevenbright) United States

vROps Cluster Architecture: HA and CA by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware)

vRealize Operations Costing Setup and Configuration Deep Dive by Dean Lewis (@saintdle)

vROps Management Pack Builder by Brock Peterson (@bpatvmware)

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Related Blogs

VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.8.0 Locker Bug by Steven Bright (@stevenbright)

Upgrading vRSLCM (vRealize Lifecycle Manager) to 8.8 by Cosmin Trif (@cosm0_)

Using the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) API for Managing SSL certificates by Christopher Lewis (@thecloudxpert)

vRSLCM Exception while validating for Scale-Out by Paul E. Grevink (@PaulGrevink)


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