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What Does a Digital Workspace Mean to You?

At EUC Insights 2017, we asked attendees, “What is your definition of a digital workspace?” We received hundreds of responses in our Americas event alone.

First, most started with the basics: It’s a digital, virtual, paperless and sometimes cloud-based place, platform or environment. What is it used for? What are the benefits? Here are the top answers.

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Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Around half of respondents said the digital workspace is anywhere, anytime access from any device. Whether users are on site or remote, the digital workspace enables them to work from anywhere in the world. It is seamless access from desktops, smartphones and tablets—across all platforms.

“The digital workspace is mobility without limitations.”

Apps and Data

For many attendees, the digital workspace is all about the goods delivered to end users based on their unique roles: work apps and corporate data. The digital workspace is a means for end users to access their email, documents and business apps—all from a central location.

“A digital workspace is where the user can access all the files, data and applications they need to do their work.”

digital-workspace-for-dummiesWork Productivity

The next most popular answer: The digital workspace is “everything users need to get work done.” For more than a third of respondents, the digital workspace not only enables daily work tasks and collaboration but also improves productivity and end-user experiences.

“A digital workspace is the virtual equivalent of a physical workplace that allows users to work from anywhere, potentially increasing productivity and changing how we see optimal work environments.”

Security and Identity Management

A quarter of respondents included security and identity management in their definition of the digital workspace. Managed and controlled by IT, end users can securely access the information and tools they need, with one-touch, single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

“A digital workspace is a controlled environment where a user can perform their day-to-day tasks with ease, without the fear of lost data and downtime.”

Business Transformation

Some attendees included the outcomes of digital workspace technology in their definition: business transformation. The digital workspace is a tool to connect and transform business processes to drive efficiency, innovation and revenue.

“A digital workspace is a connected environment in which leading edge applications and tools are used to drive innovation via digital collaboration and real-time interaction.”

What does a digital workspace mean to you? Tell us your definition in the comments below or at @WorkspaceONE, and learn more about what our digital workspace solution does for your business here: