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10 Top Moments from EUC Insights 2017 — Americas

Thank you to everyone who joined our popular online event, EUC Insights 2017—Americas! It was one of our most successful virtual conferences yet. And the best news? You can watch the product sessions, dive into best practices and take our Hands-On Labs at any time on demand! Just click here to get started.

While the live EUC Insights 2017 event is over in the Americas, the APJ and Europe events are coming soon! Click one of these links to register for:

It was incredibly difficult to hone the amazing event down to a handful of favorites, but here are my 10 top moments from EUC Insights 2017 Americas.

1. Autodesk’s Innovative Story of Digital Transformation

Sumit Dhawan EUC Insights Keynote

Autodesk’s story is so powerful that my words could not do it justice. So, here are my favorite quotes from Prakash Kota, Autodesk VP of IT, during his keynote interview with our very own Sumit Dhawan.

“We have been transforming from being a desktop-based software company to a services company. … As an IT organization, while our business and product teams are going through this transformation, we’re looking at how can we empower our global workforce to be more productive.” —Prakash Kota, VP of IT, Autodesk

“One of things you have done really well at VMware is to really understand the user needs and to have really simple user management overall, as well as solutions across broad devices.” —Prakash Kota, VP of IT, Autodesk

VMware Workspace ONE “is a successful marriage of the tools you have that really delivers the services we need today and gives us a path for the solutions we need for the future.” —Prakash Kota, VP of IT, Autodesk

Watch Sumit’s entire keynote and dive into Autodesk’s innovative digital transformation journey on demand here.

2. VMware’s Vision & What’s New with Horizon

Shankar Iyer EUC Insights VMware HorizonShankar Iyer exclaimed, “The time is now!” in his educational and inspiring session. Shankar dove into what he believes are the three key barriers to desktop transformation:

  1. Virtual desktops and apps are expensive to design and deliver.
  2. Applications take time to deliver, manage and update.
  3. User persona and policies are complex to set-up and modify.

Watch Shankar’s on-demand session, listed under the application and desktop virtualization track, to see how three new Horizon innovations help you turn these barriers into opportunities.

3. Shawn Bass Live Q&A


4. Consumerization Drives Digital Transformation

“We all use more technology in our personal lives as consumers than we do in our work lives. … We don’t think of apps as individual sets of features. We think about, ‘If I need to get a task done and it requires five different sets of applications, it’s just a seamless workflow across those applications.’”

Hemant Sahani, VMware director of product management, hosted a very powerful session on the importance of enabling workflows within the modern mobile workforce. What does this mean? It means making it easier for workers to get their jobs done—faster—anytime, anywhere.

Watch Hemant’s session, entitled From Onboarding to Next-Gen Mobile Productivity in Three Simple Steps, to see how you can empower smarter workflows and happier, more productive workers.

5. Today’s Cyber Threat Revolution

“In the past, protecting our perimeter using strong firewall policies was okay. Now with Windows 10 being more like a mobile operating system and your entire mobile workforce using iOS and Android, perimeter-based security is no longer good enough.”

EUC Insights Josue Negron Windows 10

Josue Negron, senior solutions architect, delivered a massive wake-up call about security threats in our modern heterogeneous computing environment. The good news for us all: a groundbreaking new end-to-end security approach that takes the fight to the hacker.

Watch his eye-opening session, Today’s Cyber Threat Revolution, under the endpoint security track.

6. Horizon Cloud: What’s New & Best Practices for Getting Started

ICYMI, the VMware Horizon team launched an exciting new phase of the Horizon platform’s innovative journey. Namely, the new Horizon Cloud service.

Simon LeComte, senior manager of the VMware EUC Cloud Services Architecture Team, takes you through all the new feature offerings and capabilities with Horizon Cloud. To ensure your success from day one, Simon also shares best practices and considerations for desktop and app delivery, networking architecture and user profile manager.

Watch his session on demand in the application and desktop virtualization track.

7. Take the Guesswork Out of Windows 10 Migrations

Did you know that 96% of Microsoft’s enterprise and education customers are in active Windows 10 pilots?

As you can tell, Windows 10 was a massive theme for EUC Insights 2017. The capabilities are exciting and the experience for end users promising. But for IT admins, migration and management are incredibly daunting tasks—especially in an increasingly diverse device and OS environment.

If you are getting ready to tackle a pilot or full-scale migration to Windows 10, check out this great session from VMware product marketing manager Justin Grimsley, Take the Guesswork Out of Windows 10 Migrations. He explores the entire Windows 10 journey:EUC Insights Justin Grimsley Windows 10 Migrations

8. The Wearables Are Coming

In fact, wearables and other devices within the Internet of Things (IoT) are likely already inside your organization. The question now is: how does it impact you and your company?

“If you think about the consumerization of IoT over the past five years and the impact of bring your own device (BYOD) on the enterprise and scale that up 10 fold, you begin to understand the implications of IoT on mobile device management.” —Jessie Stoks, VMware product marketing manager

Dive into the ways IoT and connect tech is evolving in Jessie’s session, Prepare Your Organization for Enterprise Wearables and Things. Perhaps even more importantly, you will learn how unified endpoint management helps IT stop chasing these devices and starts controlling them to drive innovation, better customer care and worker productivity.

9. Industry Solutions: Something for Everyone

VMware’s industry solution team brought their A-game, delivering four unique industry sessions:

  1. How VMware Horizon Transforms Agency Desktop Performance, Security and Management
  2. What’s New in the Digital Clinical Workspace
  3. Powering the Next Retail IT Generation One Customer at a Time
  4. High Education Game Changer: Ellucian Integration Makes Digital Work and Learning Spaces Dynamic.

From enabling students with anywhere learning to wowing customers with amazing experiences, you won’t want to miss these sessions.

10. Hands-On Labs

It wouldn’t be EUC Insights without some amazing Hands-On Labs!

EUC Insights offers five unique product labs:

  1. Intro to VMware AirWatch
  2. AirWatch Mobile App Management & App Development
  3. Intro to Horizon 7
  4. Horizon 7 Application Delivery
  5. Workspace ONE, Single Sign-On (SSO) & VMware Identity

What was your favorite session? Want to see something new next year? Share your feedback with us in the comments, and don’t forget to take the survey in virtual conference itself.