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New! VMware 2016 State of the Digital Workspace Report

The State of the Digital Workspace Report

Download the new VMware report to gain insights on the digital workspace from hundreds of global organizations.

More effective mobile workers and satisfied users—in 2016, over half of business and IT leaders saw these results out of deploying digital workspace technology. That’s one of many new and valuable findings in the VMware report, The State of the Digital Workspace.

[Read the executive summary at VMware Radius.]

Last July, VMware asked more than 1,000 business decision makers and IT influencers about digital workspace adoption—the technology that unifies user, desktop and mobile device management. What are the top digital workspace goals? Which looming concerns does the technology mitigate? What are the top uses cases? Who’s driving the digital workspace strategy?

Out of that study, VMware also identified common competitive advantages among organizations that adopted the digital workspace: Triple-digit ROI, reduced security risks, cost-savings, faster delivery of new revenue streams and more.

[Read the press release.]

“The state of the digital workspace in 2016 is strong. Worldwide and across industries, organizations in the survey already embracing business mobility and digital workspace technologies to enable digital transformation are realizing 150 percent ROI and reaching new revenue streams faster, but there is more to gain. Reengineering business processes for the mobile world is a future-proof investment ready to pay dividends to innovators.”
—The State of the Digital Workspace

Get your comprehensive digital workspace report:

  • Discover all the benefits gained by early adopters.
  • Read what industry leaders said about deploying digital workspaces.
  • Understand the top barriers.
  • Find out in which regions organizations report the highest gains so far.
  • See which industry is leading in digital workspace success.
  • Grasp the keys to successfully implementing your own digital workspace.

Download The State of the Digital Workspace report here.

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