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Preparing for the digital evolution: Insights from the 2024 Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

Representatives from the Broadcom End-User Computing (EUC) Division had the privilege of attending the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit March 18–19, 2024, in Grapevine, Texas. More than 900 attendees comprising digital workplace leaders, architects, and IT execs came from around the globe to learn about trends, tools, and techniques to prepare for the evolving digital landscape. Attendees had access to industry experts who presented a vision for the future of digital employee experience (DEX) and ways organizations can leverage the tech. The summit served as a platform to dive into future trends, contemporary tools, and the essence of delivering exceptional DEX.

EUC Division of Broadcom at DWS 2024

As a Platinum sponsor of the summit, we hosted a thought-provoking presentation on the second day. Marshall Anne Busbee, Director of Product Marketing for End-User Computing, shed light on the use cases and tangible ROI of DEX in her session titled “Unlocking Seamless Experiences with Digital Employee Experience (DEX).” This discourse proved timely as attendees sought insights into leveraging digital employee experiences to address challenges associated with hybrid and frontline work models.

During our session, we underscored the pivotal benefits offered by our EUC solution, including holistic visibility into employee experiences, cost savings through reduced support ticket resolution times, optimization of hardware planning, and enhanced employee perception of IT services. Additionally, Marshall Anne gave great insight from recent Fortune 500 CIO roundtable meetings. Just six months ago, CIOs gave VMware* EUC leaders the feedback that they needed a tool to help them monitor the productivity of employees. Fast forward a few months and the sentiments from CIOs were more focused on ensuring that employees have tools to be productive — quite a progression in a relatively short period of time. If you missed it, please review the conference materials for our thought-leadership session, “Unlocking Seamless Experiences with Digital Employee Experience (DEX).”

During the EUC Division session, we discussed the challenges of enabling hybrid work, the evolution to a human-centric DEX model, and our approach to delivering a world-class DEX solution. We also showcased several use cases and enhancements to our platform: 

  • How data science and context-driven automation drives evolution to the human-centric DEX model: single platform, common framework for detecting anomalies, remediation recommendations and steps for faster resolution with our guided root cause analysis (you have to check out this click-through RCA demo here).
  • How companies leverage Workspace ONE to reduce MTTR for top inbound support tickets: device health score/alerts, AI-driven insights, timelines, and device profile view, and intelligent self-service via ITSM portals. Learn more here.
  • Enhancements of DEX for Horizon: the new console and navigation, plus additional capabilities like measuring the Wi-Fi signal strength of the endpoint device to its connected Wi-Fi source. Check out this great new video on Intelligence for Horizon.
  • Application license optimization and unused software removal, with unified app ID across mobile, web, and virtual with true usage indicators. Read more in this blog.
  • Critical application availability monitoring leverages synthetic URL testing for both internal and external services and how to leverage Freestyle Orchestrator to automate communications.

These innovations demonstrate our dedication to providing a complete DEX solution that boosts productivity, offers quicker issue resolution, and enhances employee engagement. Learn how the EUC digital employee experience (DEX) solution can help your organization:   

  • Deliver scalable platform support for a diverse set of use cases
  • Offer tangible ROI through data-driven Experience Management
  • Allow IT to remediate more issues and “shift left” 

Key takeaways and interactions from DWS 2024

Interacting with attendees at our booth during the summit provided invaluable insights into the prevailing sentiments and interests regarding DEX solutions.

Attendees expressed excitement regarding our DEX capabilities, with many seeking further information immediately following Marshall Anne’s session. Our “Enable Proactive IT” message resonated well, by highlighting features such as proactive alerts and providing ways organizations can reduce their top inbound service desk tickets. There was significant interest in our demos of the ITSM Connector with ServiceNow, which showed how we empower service desks with streamlined access to experience data and remediation actions. First-time encounters with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub impressed business leaders, as they recognized its value as a centralized hub for end-user experiences. Last but not the least, we had several Horizon admins stop by to learn how we support virtual deployments in addition to physical device deployments.

Looking ahead

In tandem with the Digital Workplace Summit, we announced several new capabilities for the Workspace ONE digital employee experience solution, further underscoring our commitment to driving DEX innovations. Inside this blog, you can continue your voyage toward enhancing digital employee experiences by accessing the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for DEX Tools. Arm your organization with the insights and tactics detailed in this fantastic report, elevate your hybrid work paradigm to unprecedented levels, and transform your workplace into a nucleus of innovation, cooperation, and unmatched DEX.

As organizations are transitioning to the holistic “human-centric” approach, consider a single platform that measures both qualitative and quantitative aspects, and balances the data derived from all types of devices and all the ways that employees do their work.

For more insights and updates, stay connected with the latest announcements and innovations from the End-User Computing Division team through our End-User Computing Blog, and explore our DEX solution page to discover how we support organizations in offering seamless and secure digital employee experiences across diverse environments.

*Broadcom acquired VMware as of November 23, 2023, and on December 7, 2023, expressed intent to divest EUC. Read more from Shankar Iyer, SVP & GM, End-User Computing Division, Broadcom.