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Introducing Google Cloud VMware Engine Logical Design Poster for Workload Mobility

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) is a first party, fully managed solution supported by Google Cloud and VMware cloud verified. With GCVE customers receive a quickly provisioned private cloud (within approximately 30 minutes) leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation, which includes vSphere (vCenter Server, ESXi), vSAN, and NSX-T. Also included with GCVE is VMware HCX, allowing customers to migrate their workloads from on-premises as far back as vSphere 6.0 without the need to re-platform. VMware HCX is an all-in-one workload mobility solution providing customers native capabilities such as site pairing, network extension, WAN optimization, and several migration types. VMware HCX is the Swiss Army knife of workload mobility!

Today we are happy to introduce the Google Cloud VMware Engine Logical Design Poster for Workload Mobility. The poster is 48×32 in size and composed of five sections. Each section contains clickable resource links providing further details. We also want to highlight two resources within the poster: the VMware Hands-On-Labs and the Networking whitepaper for GCVE, located in the Workload Migration Steps section. The goal of this poster is to provide customers a logical view of what is required to start migrating workloads to GCVE.

Download: Google Cloud VMware Engine Logical Design for Workload Mobility, full size at 48×32

Key Sections

  • On-Premises Datacenter– On-premises datacenter hosting virtualized workloads that reside on various network and storage types to be migrated. Must be running vSphere 6.x and above for VMware HCX.
  • Google Cloud Platform Services– Customers must have an organization, project, and quota in the Google Cloud Platform to access and provision the Google Cloud VMware Engine service. Google Cloud Interconnect will facilitate network connectivity between on-premises and GCVE. Additionally, Private Service Access between GCVE and the customer VPC will provide access to other native GCP services such as Compute Engine, Big Query and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine– A native Google Cloud Platform service leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation and includes VMware HCX for workload mobility. VMware HCX is automatically deployed with the instantiation of a Google Cloud VMware Engine Private Cloud. Once networking connectivity, including DNS, is established from On-Premises, customers can begin configuring their HCX deployment and migrating their workloads.
  • Workload Mobility Steps – Outlines the ordered steps required to successfully deploy GCVE and leverage HCX for cloud migration successfully.
  • Firewall Rules – Provides the initial necessary ports and protocols needed to establish connectivity between VMware HCX components. When additional VMware HCX Services are required, refer to the VMware ports and Protocols site which can be found by clicking the firewall rules header.

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