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Introducing VMware Transit Connect for networking and security on VMware Cloud on AWS

Three new networking and security capabilities on VMware Cloud on AWS are making it easier than ever to scale across multiple SDDCs. Discover how SDDC Groups, VMware Transit Connect and Multi-Edge SDDCs help you manage multiple SDDCs, deliver resilient connectivity and add extra capacity.


As you migrate and expand your deployments on VMware Cloud on AWS, your network connectivity provides the foundational infrastructure for all workloads in your Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). When you scale across multiple SDDCs, which also need to network with several data centers and tens or even hundreds of VPCs, scaling network connectivity becomes a critical challenge. 


To help resolve this challenge, we are excited to announce three new networking and security capabilities on VMware Cloud on AWS:

  1. SDDC Groups – A way to organize SDDCs together for ease of management
  2. VMware Transit Connect – High bandwidth, resilient connectivity for SDDCs in an SDDC Group 
  3. Multi-Edge SDDCs – The ability to add network capacity for North-South traffic to the SDDC 


These new features together enable seamless connectivity to your SDDCs from on-premises data centers and AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs), while unlocking the capacity you need to drive your workloads efficiently in the cloud.


SDDC Groups

SDDC Groups enable you to manage multiple SDDCs as a single logical entity. This simplifies operations while maintaining the flexibility you rely on. SDDCs in a Group can be interconnected with VMware Transit Connect which lays the foundation for several future capabilities on VMware Cloud on AWS.

With an SDDC Group, you can manage multiple SDDCs as a single logical entity


VMware Transit Connect

VMware Transit Connect provides high bandwidth, resilient connectivity to SDDCs in an SDDC Group. It operationalizes an AWS Transit Gateway as a VMware managed service for SDDC Groups with automated provisioning and controls to interconnect SDDCs. It simplifies connectivity to AWS VPCs as well as on-premises data centers over an AWS Direct Connect Gateway. With a centralized, yet highly available connectivity design, VMware Transit Connect scales easily as you add SDDCs, VPCs and data centers to the Group.

VMware Transit Connect is ideal for large and small deployments alike. Whether you are starting your journey to cloud or already have a significant footprint on VMware Cloud on AWS, it solves your connectivity needs while simplifying management at scale. Best of all, it positions you to take advantage of a number of future capabilities that we plan to introduce over time.

VMware Transit Connect simplifies connectivity at scale


Multi-Edge SDDC

Multi-Edge SDDC enables you to add network capacity for North-South network traffic. With this capability, you can linearly scale bandwidth for migration and workload communication over VMware Transit Connect and Connected VPC. By dedicating compute capacity for network connectivity in the form of SDDC Edges, you can selectively steer certain traffic sets over individual SDDC Edges by using Traffic Groups. This feature, also referred to as Edge Scale Out, is available for Large SDDCs. 

Multi-Edge SDDC adds network capacity for communication to the SDDC over VMware Transit Connect


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Learn how to seamlessly connect, migrate and expand your VMC environment with SDDC Groups, VMware Transit Connect and Multi-Edge. Followed by a customer success story – the Cornerstone OnDemand journey to VMware Cloud on AWS.



In this session we provide a brief review of SDDC connectivity design best practices for VPN, Direct Connect and Connected VPC. We then explore and demo the newly released capabilities of VMware Transit Connect and Multi-Edge SDDC.


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